H.E.R. Husband

People are curious to know more about H.E.R. Husband as the singer has been linked with Skip Marley, a Jamaican singer-songwriter.

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, better known as H.E.R., is an American singer-songwriter. She has won multiple prizes, including an Academy Award, a Children’s and Family Emmy Award, and five Grammy Awards.

Following early music performances and singles under her name, she re-emerged as H.E.R. in 2016, releasing her first E.P. H.E.R. Volume 1 through R.C.A., followed by four further E.P.s.

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 Her debut compilation album, H.E.R. (2017), which included songs from her first two E.P.s and six new ones, was nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album.

H.E.R. Husband: Is Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Married? Is She Dating Skip Marley?

No, Wilson isn’t married in 2022, but there have been whispers about who she could be engaged with, and all fingers point to one person, Skip Marley. 

H.E.R. Husband
Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson with Skip Marley (Source: theartistree)

Skip Marley, like Gabriella, is a Jamaican singer-songwriter. For months, rumors of a romance between H.E.R. and Marley had circulated.

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 So yes, everything still needs to be verified. All Marley has to say about them is that they have a connection and a natural vibe, which is evident in the music video for the song “Slow down,” which features them together.

In one of his interviews, Marley couldn’t help but brag about Gabriella calling him attractive, dope, and groovy. 

People began to speculate when the two displayed their endearing connection in their rose-scented duet “Slow Down” last year.

She recently unveiled her new reggae album in July. This next reggae album is now one of the most eagerly awaited productions in the genre.

H.E.R. Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Parents: Family & Ethnicity Explored

Gabriella Wilson, the daughter of Kenny and Agnes on June 27, 1997, Wilson was born in Vallejo, California.

Her Father, a part of a small California band called Urban Bushmen, was an early musical inspiration for her.

H.E.R. Husband
Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson with her Parents (Source: Politicalgaze)

In Vallejo, California, the couple reared their girls in a basic manner. Agnes is a San Francisco Bay Area nurse, and her husband, Kenny, is a construction worker.

Gabriella has four family members, including her younger sister Alex. She has tight ties with her family members.

She invites her parents to every award ceremony, and they appreciate being there with her.

Her mother was a native Filipino housewife. When she was younger, her parents nicknamed her Gabi.

Before her family relocated to Vallejo, California, she was born and reared in the landlocked province of Nueva Ecija on the Philippine island of Central Luzon.

She began learning and performing music early, drawing inspiration from her Father.

She debuted at the Apollo Theatre in New York City when she was nine. It was her first time performing in front of a huge audience.

How Much Is H.E.R. Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Net Worth 2023?

As of 2020, Gabriella Wilson’s net worth is predicted to be between $4 and USD 5 million. Her principal source of income is her singing profession. Her music and financial sponsorship also provide her with a comfortable existence.

Her income comes from album sales, live performances, tours, features, merchandising, record deals, streaming, and endorsement partnerships. 

H.E.R. also has a YouTube channel with over 2 million members; she earns money from ad monetization on her music videos and audio. The amazing vocalist also makes money from music streaming sites such as Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and others.

She has won several honors and over 100 nominations in her brief time in the music industry.

Out of 112 nominations, she has won 21 honors, including an Academy Award, Apple Music Award, 2 B.E.T. Awards, Black Reel Award, and B.M.I. R&B/Hip-Hop Award, 5 Grammy Awards,

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