Haji Nurul Islam

Haji Nurul Islam daughter viral video has dragged everyone’s attention. If you want to know more about her scandal, read this complete article.

Haji Nurul Islam is an Indian politician serving as the Member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. Between 2009 and 2014, he was the Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha.

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Before coming into the political world, Haji was a small-time zari businessman and he lived in Chhoto Jagulia village in Barasat.

Apart from that, Islam has also been involved in some controversies in the past. He was accused of being involved in the 2010 Deganga riots.

Following that, the BJP demanded the arrest of Islam for instigating the mob into a communal frenzy. Again, another rumor about his daughter Fatima has gone viral which has been shared below.

Haji Nurul Islam Daughter Viral Video Is Trending

Haji Nurul Islam daughter viral video has created a buzz online. Multiple sources have already made news regarding this matter which has dragged everyone’s attention.

For the past few days, netizens have searched for the video. For your information, the video has been shared by various online sources.

Haji Nurul Islam Daughter Viral Video
Haji Nurul Islam is making rounds on the internet sources after his daughter’s private video went viral. ( Source: Our Neta )

In the same way, some adult sites have also posted the video. It has been noted that in the viral video, the daughter of Islam was reportedly seen having an intimate moment.

Apart from that, some sources have posted fake clips just to get views and this matter has left everyone confused.

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What Happened To Haji Nurul Islam Daughter Fatima?

Haji Nurul Islam daughter Fatima is currently in the media prominence. As said earlier, a private video related to her has gone viral online.

In the video, she allegedly had an intimate moment leaving everyone confused. Apart from that, some online portals have also claimed that Islam had the moment with his daughter.

Haji Nurul Islam Daughter
Haji Nurul Islam has been dragged into the middle of controversy after his daughter’s video was shared. ( Source: Twitter )

However, none of the verified media sources have given the facts regarding this matter. So, nothing can be confirmed about this rumor.

Apart from that, various adult sites have posted multiple videos using Haji’s name. Due to that, the Indian politician is making rounds online. More facts about this MMS have been shared below. 

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Where Is Haji Nurul Islam Daughter Now? MMS Update

Hajo Nurul Islam daughter has remained in the media prominence for the past few days and everyone has been asking questions related to her MMS.

As stated above, the viral video is about Haji’s daughter in which she allegedly had an explicit moment. Some sources have even said that Fatima exposed her private parts.

In the same way, the video can be found on online sources which have been shared openly. This has created a buzz on the web and online users have been asking multiple questions.

Haji Nurul Islam MMS
Haji Nurul Islam made headlines after online users started searching for his daughter’s MMS. ( Source: Twitter )

Due to this, both, Haji and his daughter Fatima are making rounds. Despite all the rumors, Haji himself has not said anything about this matter.

It appears that Haji has also ignored everything about the ongoing scandal that has left everyone confused. More updates regarding this controversy will be given in the future. 

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