Hakeem Dawodu

Hakeem Dawodu is a UFC professional mixed martial artist. Is he of the Muslim faith? Learn everything there is to know about his religion.

The 29-year-old athlete fights in the featherweight division and will feature in UFC 279 in September.

Hakeem (mean) Dawodu started his career with a first-round knockout win against Behrang Yousefi in 2014. From then, he won several fights at WSOF Canada, ultimately signing for the UFC in 2017.

Hakeem Dawodu Religion And Ethnicity, What Brought Hakim Dawodu Into The World Of Martial Arts?

Hakeem Dawodu’s religion is assumed to be Muslim; however, due to a lack of precise information, we cannot verify this fact; however, he is of mixed Ethnicity. 

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The UFC fighter was born on July 2, 1991, in Calgiri, Canada. He shares his mixed African Ethnicity with his Nigerian mother and Jamaican father.

Hakeem Dawodu
Hakeem Dawodu in UFC 231

Hakeem had a troubled childhood and was raised by a single mother. His father was deported from Canada when Hakeem was just 6 years old. Growing up in difficult circumstances, Hakeem was desperate for money in his teenage, so he started selling Marijuana and got into bad company.

As a kid, he was very angry and involved in various fights and outbursts during his teenage because of which he was frequently kept in juvenile detention throughout his teenage years. Once, he was detained for 6 months period, which was the longest detention time Hakimi faced.

How Hakeem ended up in the MMA world?

When Hakeem faced detention at a juvenile center, his counselor introduced him to Kickboxing. Though Hakeem was involved in multiple fights due to his anger issues, he wanted a change.

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Hakeem saw this as an opportunity to improvise his anger and change his life. So, he started learning Kickboxing, marking his astonishing career in MMA. The counselor assigned Kick Boxing for his anger management class, and Hakimi had to complete 40 hours of training per week.

The UFC fighter performed so well in Kickboxing that he took up Muay Thai training and, within half a decade, was crowned the Welterweight Champion in the World Classic Muay Thai Rules. Hakimi learned a lot from Kickboxing, especially emotional intelligence, which would help him remain calm in big fights.

He had an astounding MMA career with just 5 defeats and 42 wins. These glorious achievements in MMA paved his way for the most prominent fighting stage, UFC, where he signed a four-fight deal in 2017.

Hakeem Dawodu Networth And His Record In UFC

Hakeem Dawodu Networth is around 5 million dollars, most of which comes from his fight contracts. Being a UFC fighter currently, his salary varies year to year according to the number of fights and various bonuses depending on the outcome of the fights.

Since coming to UFC, Hakeem has had a good record with 7 wins and two unanimous decisions out of 9 matches. His next UFC match is at UFC 279 with Julian Erosa. The event will take place on September 9, 2022, with Hakimi as the favorite going into the fight.

Hakimi Dawodi
Hakimi Dawodi during a UFC match Source(UFC)

Hakeem Dawodi and Dragonball Z

Like many other kids, Hakeem was inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon “Dragon Ball Z.” Hakimi idolized the lead characters of the renowned show, who were masters of Martial arts and used them to battle evil.

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His affection for the show further inspired him to make martial arts an inseparable part of his life.

Hakeem saw martial arts as a gateway out of this miserable world and dedicated himself to it. With his success, he has inspired many other upcoming fighters of the younger generations.

Though Hakmi had just fought 1 promotion fight before UFC, his hard work and dedication, with his sheer talent, nothing could have stopped him. He is on his way to leaving a historical mark in the history of UFC, and we wish him all the best!!!

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