Hakeem Death

Hakeem ***** news has circulated all over social media and has caught the media attention as the Malayali youth was stabbed to ***** in Sharjah.

In the early hours of Sunday in Sharjah, a Malayali youth was stabbed to *****. Hakeem, a 36-year-old native of Mannarkkad and Palakkad was identified as the deceased.

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While attempting to resolve a verbal conflict, he was stabbed. The event happened late last night at Butina in Sharjah. 

After Hakeem’s *****, his family is heartbroken and deeply shocked. They want Hakeem to get justice, and the police are looking over the case intensely.

Cases like this are examples of violence that prevails all over the world every day. Here’s what we know of the Malayali youth’s ***** case. 

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Hakeem: A 36-Year-Old Malayali Guy Stabbed To ***** In Sharjah

Hakeem, a 36-year-old hard-working individual was stabbed to ***** in Sharjah. He hailed from Mannarcaud in Palakkad.

The reason behind his ***** was that, while trying to solve a verbal dispute among a few people, he was badly stabbed.

The unfair and tragic incident took place late last night at Butina in Sharjah. The following incident happened at 12:30 am at Bu Tina in Sharjah. 

Hakeem *****
Malayali youth stabbed to ***** in Sharjah. (Source: keralakaumudi)

The guy who lost his life was working as a manager in a hypermarket.

A fight broke out between a Pakistani national and colleagues at a nearby cafeteria. The innocent guy just tried to solve the fight.

At that particular moment, a Pakistani national took out a knife and stabbed them. While Hakeem died at the spot, the other two Malayalee colleagues and an Egyptian underwent injuries.

Who Murdered The Hypermarket Manager? 

It appears that certain individuals in our communities have recently become irrational. Today, it is very problematic to intentionally hurt other people or their property.

Consider the recent incident of the Malayali youth who had been stabbed to ***** during a fight. The topic of what really causes violence and what should be done when faced with violence is raised by recent violent incidents.

Similarly, after Hakeem’s *****, the case has circulated all over the media, and many people are looking after the tragic incident. 

Hakeem *****
Hakeem ***** news circulating all over social media. (Source: Google)

As such, one question that frequently arises is that ‘Who Murdered The Hypermarket Manager’? 

The one who murdered Hakeem is a Pakistani national and Dubai Police informed the audience that the accused has been arrested.

Incidents like this are often scary and cruel, and we hope no one has to go through it. However, as Hakeem has been a victim of the stabbing, we hope justice will be served. 

Hakeem Family Tree Explored 

The dead man was working as a manager in a hypermarket. Hakeem’s family mentioned that he was hard working and honest individual who didn’t fear anything.

Hakeem was a family man, and he worked hard to earn money to sustain his family.

After Hakeem’s tragic *****, his entire family is heartbroken and devasted. Hakeem’s family, who lived in Sharjah, returned to their hometown recently.

Moreover, his body will be flown home, and all the rituals will be performed accordingly.

Apart from this, very less is known about Hakeem since he was a regular working guy with no celebrity status. 

He didn’t have any media attention hovering around him, so it was quite difficult to trace his personal life details and family affairs. 

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