Doddie Weir Kids

Hamish, Ben, and Angus John Doddie are Doddie Weir kids with Kathy Weir. The eldest son of the late athlete followed in his footsteps and will play for the club Melrose this season.

Born George Wilson “Doddie” Weir, Doddie Weir was a renowned Rugby player of Scottish nationality.

The Edinburgh native began his professional career with Newcastle Falcons in 1995. He played seven years with the club before joining Border Reivers in 2002.

He made 61 appearances for the Scotland national team internationally and also represented the British & Irish Lions. As a result of his illustrious career, the Doddie Weir Cup has been named after him.

Sadly, the great rugby player is no more with us. He passed away at the age f 52. After battling Motor Neurone Disease for several years, he left us on 26 November 2022.

In this article, let’s revisit the late athlete’s career achievements and learn more about his wife and children.

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Meet Doddie Weir Kids – Hamish, Ben, And Angus John Doddie

Hamish, Ben, and Angus John Doddie are Doddie Weir’s children with Kathy Weir.

The legendary rugby player and his spouse welcomed their first child, Hamish Doddied Weir, in 2001. The eldest Weir followed in his Father’s footsteps, and this season he plays for the Melrose first team.

Despite inheriting his dad’s height, Hamish is not a second rower and is usually used as a wing or fullback due to his power and fast feet/ rapid speed.

The late rugby star himself played for the club from 1989 to 1995. His son has certainly inherited good genes from him.

Furthermore, Angus John Doddie was born in 2002 and is now a 20-year-old. Finally, the youngest Weir, Ben, joined the family in 2003. There is not much regarding Angus and Ben’s professional careers.

However, we can assume that they are attending some college and doing well in their professional life. Might they also be interested in pursuing their career as rugby players?

Doddie Weir’s kids must share a strong bond with one another. On top of that, they must be close to their dad and mom. Let’s hope the late athlete’s family will find the strength to cope with the tragic loss.

Doddie Weir kids
Doddie Weir with his three sons and wife. (Source: BBC)

Meet Doddie Weir Wife Kathy Weir

Doddie Weir walked down the aisle with Kathy Weir in 1997. Their wedding ceremony occurred in St. Mungo’s Church in Simonburn, Northumberland, not far from Hexham, on 18 July 1997.

After the former rugby player proposed to his lady love at the Carter Bar at the Borders crossing, the smitten pair entered the church and vowed to spend their life together.

Additionally, Doddie Weir made a lifelong commitment to his beautiful spouse when he exchanged vows with her at the age of 27.

The pair was able to commemorate their silver wedding anniversary (twenty-fifth) in July of this year.

Doddie Weir Net Worth At Death

Doddie Weir had a long and glorious career. In addition to insane fame, he must have garnered a massive fortune throughout his career. The exact amount of the player’s wealth has not been made public.

Doddie Weir Kids
Doddie Weir’s professional career was glorious. (Source: Mirror)

According to Rugby Dome, the average salary of rugby players in Scotland earns between £120K-140K.

However, considering the reputation and experience of the late athlete, he must have made it according to his worth.

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