Hank Gathers Death Cause

Hank Gathers ***** cause has always been a widely searched topic on the Internet.  

Gathers was a college basketball player for the Loyola Marymount Lions in the West Coast Conference.

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He started his college career at USC under head coach  George Raveling. Then he was transferred to Loyola Marymount. 

Gathers was always interested in basketball, and he started playing basketball in high school. Other than basketball, he was not interested in any sports.

The player became the second in NCAA Division in history to lead the nation in scoring and rebounding in the same season as a junior in 1989.

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There has always been very unclear information about the cause of the player’s ***** at a very young age. So, here we are to discuss the cause of his *****.

Hank Gathers ***** Cause: College Basketball Player Died Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

The Autopsy results of Hank Gathers showed he died of a diseased and scarred heart muscle, which is also known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

On December 9, 1989, he collapsed during the came due to having an abnormal heartbeat, and he was suggested to take a beta blocker, Inderal.

Gathers felt like the medication was causing his game to play, and the prescription was reduced one last time from 80 to 40 mg with the promise to visit the doctor every week.

The tragedy of Hank Gathers and triumph of Loyola Marymount.
The tragedy of Hank Gathers and the triumph of Loyola Marymount. (Source: ESPN)

But unfortunately, he ignored the call and did not visit his cardiologist for a couple of weeks. Still, after some time, he had almost 2 hours of talk with his cardiologist, and it was gathered that he was not taking does during his game days.

Gathers had a conversation with the doctor on March 2, and he collapsed on March 4 in the first half of the semifinal game against the Portland Pilots.

But he tried to get up and told  the athletic trainers, “I don’t want to lay down!” But shortly after that, he stopped breathing and was sent to a nearby hospital.

Due to his condition, the game was suspended for the next night by the WCC commissioner.

Later, the hospital announced that the player died at 6:55 pm, as per Wikipedia. It was heartbreaking to hear the news; he passed away very soon at 23.

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Hank Gathers Family Details 

Gathers was a Father; he became Father when he was just sixteen. 

Aaron Kevin Crump was born to Gathers and his girlfriend, whose information has not been disclosed yet.

Hank Gathers' son carries the weight of basketball legend's tragic ***** 30 years later.
Hank Gathers’ son carries the weight of the basketball legend’s tragic ***** 30 years later. (Source: USA Today)

Gathers always wanted a family when his Father died when he was 6. His mother raised him, and she always supported his career.

After the autopsy was out, his family filed a $32.5 million lawsuit charging negligence.

Loyola Marymount settled for $1.4 million, whereas the cardiologist treating Gathers settled for $1 million.

The case was closed after the settlement, but it is tough for his family to accept that his ***** was an accident. More information about his family has not been disclosed yet. 

Although it has been more than 30 years since his *****, the topic has always been searched on the Internet.

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