Hans Kluge Wife

What is Hans Kluge wife name? Let’s explore the couple’s happily married life and learn about their daughters.

Hans Henri Marcel Paul Kluge is also popularly known as Hans KlugeBelgian. He is a physician and public health specialist with over 25 years of expertise in three continents.

Dr. Kluge was recommended by Belgium in 2019 as a potential candidate for the job of WHO Regional Director for Europe.

Moreover, he was appointed by the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in September 2019. He began his position as Regional Director for Europe on 1 February 2020.

Dr. Kluge presented a new strategic vision for the WHO European Region titled “United Action for better health.”

Furthermore, when unveiling the vision, Dr. Kluge stated,

“Together, we must create a pan-European culture of health, where health and well-being goals guide public and private decision-making, and everyone can make healthy choices.”

Is Hans Kluge Wife Name Disclosed? Meet His Daughters Sofia And Anastasia Kluge

Dr. Hans Kluge is a very private person when it comes to speaking about his personal life. He likes to maintain a low-key profile.

From his Twitter account, it is however known that he is a married man and has children. His Twitter account comes under the name @hans_kluge and has achieved 32.1K followers.

Kluge has not revealed anything about his family, even after marriage and having kids. So, it is very challenging to know the name of Hans Kluge’s wife.

Moreover, he is more concerned with his career than his personal life. Therefore information about his work is widely known.

Hans Kluge Wife
Hans Kluge has kept his intimate married life far from the eyes of the media. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, the regional director of WHO has two beautifully grown-up daughters named Sofia Kluge and Anastasia Kluge.

However, detailed information about his daughters and wife is unavailable online.

Dr. Hans also has an Instagram account with 94 followers but has not posted any pictures or videos yet.

An interesting fact about Dr. Kluge is that he can speak multiple languages fluently, like English, French, German, Russian, and Dutch. He also enjoys gardening, running, and cycling.

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Hans Kluge Wikipedia and Age

Hans Kluge was born on 29 November 1968 in Roeselare, Belgium, and is currently 55 years old.

He began working as a family doctor in Belgium in 1994 after obtaining a master’s in medicine, surgery, and obstetrics degree from the Catholic University of Leuven.

Moreover, Kluge’s overseas experience began in emergencies while working with MSF Belgium in 1995.

He worked in Liberia and Somalia, leading a TB control program and delivering medical and public health services in conflict zones.

Likewise, Dr. Kluge’s work for MSF continued with assignments supervising programs in Siberian prisons.

He served as the Regional TB Advisor for nations formerly part of the Soviet Union in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Hans Kluge Wife
Hans Kluge’s career began as a family doctor. (Source: France 24)

Further, he joined WHO in 1999 as the project manager for the WHO’s TB and TB-HIV programs in the Russian Federation. Dr. Kluge relocated to the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 2009.

Additionally, in the following year, Hans was appointed as the division’s director and the regional director’s special representative to combat multi- and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.

As division director, he supervised work on regional research on financial security and universal health care.

He is the creator of a new WHO European Region perception of health systems for prosperity and solidarity.

Furthermore, he formed strong partnerships to improve the health system’s performance.

He implemented reforms with the European Commission. He also formed the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, civil society, and many other organizations.

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