Haring Manggi death hoax

Famous Filipino vlogger and rapper Haring Manggi’s ***** news has been spreading over the internet. Is it real or just a hoax?

Haring Manggi, who also goes by the name Miguelito Malakas, is a famous figure in the Philippines.

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Because of the rapper’s purported likeness to Tupac Shakur, some admirers have dubbed him “Tupac of the Philippines” and nicknamed him 2Lac.

The rapper recently released the music video for his song, Sa tingin mo kaya moko, meaning You Think You Can. However, it appears that it will be his last song before he comes out of jail.

Haring Manggi, whose real name is Daniel Naguit, often gets entangled in legal troubles. 

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Haring Manggi ***** Hoax: He Is Not Dead

No, Haring Manggi is not dead. Some outlets have been spreading this news, but no official report exists.

It is not the first that rumors like this are spreading online. In March 2022, there were claims that Haring was shot dead at the Quirino Grandstand in Ermita, Manila.

The reports even stated that witnesses had seen the rapper discreetly hurrying to promote gourmet dry products before being shot dead and that authorities were looking into the motive for the ****** to check “if it was merely a commercial venture.” 

Haring Manggi is not dead
Haring Manggi usually flashes his lifestyle on social media. (Source: Hip Hop DX)

As per the official reports, Haring is currently under detention as of November 2022. There is no news of any brawl or other incidents that could have taken his life.

We urge everyone to look for verified reports before making any conclusions.

Haring Manggi Is Arrested For Illegal Drugs Selling

Police authorities arrested Haring Manggi Miguelito Malakas on November 15, 2022, for allegedly selling illegal drugs. The rapper-vlogger is in jail after authorities apprehended him for drug dealing.

Haring is currently detained at the custodial facility of the Pasay City Police Station. He is one of the Most Wanted individuals in the Philippines’ Pasay City. 

Haring Manggi arrested
Daniel Naguit, a.k.a. Haring Manggi, is under arrest for drug charges. (Source: Newspapers.ph)

The rapper is charged with violating Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, officer Byron Tabernilla stated.

Authorities searched for him for several months and finally tracked him after he transacted with a buyer at a mall in Imus, Cavite, that afternoon.

The officer-in-charge, Tabernilla, stated that even if the accused is well-known, the Pasay City Police Department will not hesitate to arrest him.

Haring is infamous for flashing large sums of money on social media, but his fans and supporters do not believe the fortune has resulted from criminal activity.

Haring Manggi Had Been Arrested Before

Haring Manggi was scheduled to attend hearings on his drug-related charges before the Pasay City Police arrested him for failing to do so.

The Police said that the arrest warrant against him was made in the case of illegal possession of drugs was issued in December 2021. He was previously imprisoned but released on bail.

Haring admitted to using drugs, specifically marijuana. He said he did it in 2020 when his name was not so famous in the streets. “Of course, we as humans make mistakes,” he added.

However, the vlogger said he regretted his actions and denied evading his charges after getting bail. He also claimed not receiving any documents related to his hearing.

“Let us always believe in the high lord, let us always put God first in everything we do, and we will always be true to ourselves. Let us always be strong,” Haring gave this message to his supporters.

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