harnaam kaur husband

Harnaam Kaur husband is a highly-searched topic. Netizens are eager to know if she is married.

Harnaam Kaur is a British social media personality, activist, life coach, postpartum coach, and motivational speaker.

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She is known for her proudly wearing her beard and encouraging others to accept themselves the way they are.

Kaur is a Guinness World Record Holder and has appeared in several talk shows and significant projects.

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Harnaam Kaur Husband: Is She Married?

It is still being determined if Harnaam Kaur has a husband. She has never officially talked on the topic.

People got confused about her getting married after her bridal pictures emerged in 2015. 

She posed for Urban Bridesmaid Photography for a series of bridal-themed shots. However, it was just for fun, and Kaur was not getting married. 

harnaam kaur husband family
Harnaam Kaur during a bridal ********. (Source: Huffington Post)

Photographer Louisa Coulthurst pitched her the idea, which Kaur happily accepted. 

“I had always been intrigued by the thought of floral beards, and a thought came to me wouldn’t it be cool to have a floral beard on a woman,” Coulthurst said.

 Harnaam Kaur Family And Religion Explored

Harnaam Kaur comes from “a traditional Punjabi family.” She was born in Slough, Berkshire, England, on November 29, 1990, making her 33.

She has a younger brother named Gurdeep Singh Cheema. He created the film called ‘Happy Ending? The Dangers of Online Grooming’ to raise awareness about online child grooming by predators.

In 2014, Kaur interviewed for the Daily Mail with her mom and Gurdeep.

harnaam kaur family brother
Harnaam Kaur with her brother and supporter, Gurdeep Singh. (Source: Daily Mail)

Kaur is Sikh. She converted at age 16 to the religion that forbids haircutting.

She also wears a turban or other head coverings, a custom of the Khalsa tradition of Sikhism.

Harnaam Kaur Net Worth In 2024

Harnaam Kaur has a net worth ranging from $100k to $1 million, per Idol Net Worth.

She is a social media personality, activist, and public speaker known as the “Bearded Lady,” caused by her polycystic ovary syndrome. 

Kaur walked the London Fashion Week in 2014, becoming the first woman with a beard to walk a ramp.

Later, she received the Guinness World Record for Youngest Woman with a Full Beard in 2016.

Kaur is an activist for body confidence, self-love, and anti-bullying. She is also a motivational speaker and an advocate for diversity.

Kaur fully embraces her unique look and hopes to encourage everyone to do the same.

Before coming to the limelight in 2014, she worked as a teaching assistant at Khalsa Primary School.

PCOS causes Harnaam Kaur Beard And Hair

Kaur has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which produces more male hormones than usual. It caused her to grow facial hair since she was 11.

Signs and symptoms for PCOS vary; for Kaur, it resulted in hirsutism, which causes excessive facial and body hair growth.

She spent a good portion of her early teenage years trying to hide and remove her hair to avoid taunts from her peers. 

After years of bullying that led to self-harm and suicidal thoughts, Kaur now accepts herself for all she is.

harnaam kaur PCOS before after
Harnaam Kaur before and after growing a beard. (Source: Bright Side)

At age 16, she changed her mindset and embraced her body in all its glory. 

“I stopped self-harming, and I have now fallen in love with the elements on my body that people may call ‘flaws,'” she shared.

She added that she loved her beard, stretch marks, and scars, which make her who she is.

“They make me whole; they make me complete,” Kaur said. She also said that her hair is her source of strength and confidence.

“I keep my hair to show the world a different, confident, diverse, and strong image of a woman. I love my lady beard, and I will forever cherish it.” Kaur explained.

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