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Harper Finn obituary is trending on the internet, but the news appears to be fake. Here’s more update regarding the 5-year-old girl who was hurt during a horse race.

Harper Finn is a young girl from the United States of America whose name have been making rounds on the internet when the news of Finn’s accident was shared.

The young lady was injured seriously on Sunday during a harness horse race. The horse racing event was organized on July 30, 2023, at the Effingham County Fairgrounds.

Furthermore, Finn was attending the Jeffer’s Memorial Races and was injured when an extended starting gate struck her while passing the grandstand. 

After that, some online sources made news saying that Finn died after suffering injuries from the accident. This left everyone shocked, but here is the fact.

Harper Finn Obituary and Funeral Details

As stated earlier, Harper Finn obituary is trending on the internet, and everyone has been searching for it. It all started when the news of her injuries was shared.

Some unauthorized obituary-sharing sites posted some news saying that the 5-year-old got died after getting struck. Due to that, many people believed the news and started asking for more updates.

Harper Finn Obituary
Harper Finn Obituary is trending on the internet, but she is still alive. ( Source: Twitter )

Not only that, but online users have been searching for Finn’s funeral and memorial services. The fake news that circulated on the internet without any facts has left everyone confused.

It can be said that Finn is alive, but the news of her death is going viral without any truth. More updates regarding Finn will surely get updated.

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Is Harper Finn Alive or Dead?

Harper Finn is still alive, but the news of her death has left everyone shocked. As said earlier, the news is fake, and it can be confirmed that the young lady is fighting for her life.

Some social media users also posted news saying that Harper had taken her last breath. However, later it was corrected, and a person on Facebook wrote, 

Harper Finn Alive
Harper Finn was seriously injured and she is currently fighting for her life in the hospital. ( Source: Effingham Daily News )

“Story correction HARPER FINN is still alive and fighting. God is hearing our prayers. Please keep praying. Miracles happen, and only our God is BIGGER than it!”

Furthermore, people close to the Finn family have requested everyone not to share the fake news and respect the family’s privacy.

Harper Finn Health Update – GoFundMe

Harper Finn’s current health update shows she is still fighting for her life. Meanwhile, Illinois Harness Horseman’s Association is organizing a fundraiser set up on GoFundMe.

They started the fundraiser on behalf of the family to help in the treatment of Finn, who was injured in a horse racing event. She was rushed to a local hospital before being airlifted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Initially, $10,000 was their aim, but at the time of this post, more than $70,000 had already been collected. She is reported to be in critical condition and is fighting for her life.

Harper Finn Health
Harper Finn is being treated at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. ( Source: Facebook )

The family wants support at this challenging time, and more updates will also be shared. A person on Facebook gave an update saying, 

“Little Harper Finn is still fighting for her life. Please continue praying for this beautiful 5-year-old to be healed from the horrific accident that felled her on Sunday.”

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