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There has been a strong desire in recent days to monitor the Harriet Sergeant Wikipedia page. This post will assist you in learning more about the renowned journalist and author Harriet Sergeant, according to Wikipedia and Age.

Harriet Sergeant, a journalist, novelist, and research associate at the Centre for Policy Studies, a non-profit think tank and has written three books.

Her most recent novel, Parrots Over Babylon, a thriller co-written with Marlon Campbell, was released in 2017. Her debut book, which was published in 1985, examined South Africa’s apartheid system. Her three novels result from the investigation and talking to people.

Parrots Over Babylon is Both a romantic mystery and a suspenseful thriller. The first female mayor of London is compelled to work with a criminal to find out who killed her sweetheart.

One of her books, Among the Hoods, which was released by Faber in 2012, details her association with a south London gang for twelve years, which started when I was doing research for a piece on why so many black Caribbean and white working-class lads are struggling.

She has written for the Sunday Times, Financial Times, Daily Mail, Sun, Spectator and Standpoint, among others.

She often contributes to TV and radio and has done so on shows including Any Questions, Question Time, Newsnight, and Today, among others. She has also frequently been featured in the Sky Paper Review.

The Centre for Policy Studies publishes all of Harriet’s reports, which may be ordered in paper form or downloaded for free.

Harriet Sergeant Wikipedia And Age

About Harriet Sergeant wikipedia, nothing has been said about her there. The journalist has avoided disclosing her age in any kind of media.

She hasn’t given any private details about her family or age. But, based on her photographs, she appears to be in her mid-50s. At Oxford’s St. Catherine’s College, she majored in English.

Harriet Sergeant Wikipedia
Harriet Sergeant during an interview (Source: Youtube)

Harriet’s first book was about apartheid-era South Africa, where she spent a year in the 1980s. Afterward, after spending seven years living in Japan, she published a memoir of her time there as well as a history of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s.

She recently penned five studies for the Centre for Policy Research. They have discussed immigration, NHS management, health tourism, children in the care system, and education, particularly why working-class boys of color and white men from the Caribbean struggle in school and at work.

Currently, the Harriet Sergeant Wikipedia page is not accessible. As a result, it is challenging for readers and followers to learn from the journalist.

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More About The Journalist And Author Harriet Sergeant

Also, Harriet has published a report on the public and the police for Civitas. The research concentrated on how the public views the police and how goals and government efforts affect the force. These studies, once more, combine research and interviews.

Each report takes her around 10 months to complete and involves her research. This required interviewing diverse individuals, including teachers, police sergeants, constables, gang members, social workers, youth in foster care, prostitutes, illegal immigrants, and many more.

Harriet Sergeant Wikipedia
Harriet Sergeant looking gorgeous in a pink shirt (Source: networthpost)

She loved spending time in the location she writes about, so it’s not simply interviewing. She has followed hospital employees around and spent time in schools, children’s homes, and police stations.

She speaks with those who utilize these services, including patients, crime victims, undocumented immigrants, children in foster care, parents, and students in inner-city schools.

Sergeant’s reports have gotten a lot of press attention and have been serialized in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. The Daily Mail featured five of them on its top page.

If Wikipedia administrators acknowledge the journalist and include her biography and professional accomplishments, Harriet Sergeant Wikipedia will eventually be highlighted on the official site.

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