Harry Garside Manager

Harry Garside’s manager, Peter Mitrevski, has filed a defamation case against Garside. 

Australian boxer Harry Garside, predicted to become a world champion, faces a legal battle outside the ring. 

This comes after Garside and Channel 10 commented during an episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which resulted in his manager Peter Mitrevski filing a defamation case against him and the network. 

Garside, a 25-year-old former plumber who has gained attention for his ballet-dancing background, revealed on the show that his fighting career is currently uncertain and that he has important decisions to make. 

However, his manager found the comments made by Garside to be both offensive and untrue, leading to a legal dispute.

Harry Garside Manager Peter Mitrevski Wikipedia

People want to know the Wikipedia details of Harry Garside’s manager, Peter Mitrevski, based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

Harry 1
Harry Garside is embroiled in a legal dispute outside of the boxing ring, as his manager has initiated a defamation case against him. (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

He is currently the manager of professional boxer Garside, who is known for chasing greatness in boxing. Mitrevski has been working with Garside since October 2021.

In addition to his work with Garside, Mitrevski is also a director at Sweet Science Boxing, a boxing promotion Company he has been involved with since September 2019.

He is also a director at Tiana Capital, which he has been with since August 2017. Additionally, Mitrevski has served as a director at 503 Developments.

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Finally, Mitrevski has expressed interest in companies such as Great Big Events and NAS Timber Supplies, and he may follow their updates and news through LinkedIn newsletters.

Peter Mitrevski Age: How Old Is Peter Mitrevski Manager?

From the public information about Peter Mitrevski, his age is not mentioned or available. 

It is possible that he has not shared his age publicly on his LinkedIn profile or any other public platform. Age is considered personal information; only some people are comfortable sharing it publicly. 

However, his career highlights significant experience in the boxing industry as a manager and promoter. 

Mitrevski has been working in the boxing industry for several years and has had various roles, including being a director of Sweet Science Boxing and Tiana Capital.

Mitrevski’s experience in the boxing industry has likely given him valuable knowledge and skills, allowing him to take on various roles in the industry. Age may be a minor factor in his career as long as he has the required experience and expertise in the field. 

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It is common for people in the boxing industry to have a long career and work well into their older years, provided they remain healthy and active.

What Happened Between Harry Garside And Peter Mitrevski?

Garside could face a legal battle over his comments on the show about his former boxing manager, Peter Mitrevski Jr.

Harry 2
Harry Garside inside the boxing ring. (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

During an early show episode, Garside commented that Mitrevski found it offensive and defamatory. 

As a result, Mitrevski has taken steps to launch a defamation action against both Garside and Channel 10, the network that airs the show.

Additionally, Mitrevski has alleged that Garside has breached his management contract and a separate deal with boxing promoter No Limit Boxing. 

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Harry was set to headline a fight card in Melbourne but abandoned the bout in favor of appearing on the reality TV show.

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