Haruma Miura

Haruma Miura death in 2020 still shocks millions of Japanese movie fans worldwide. Why did he commit suicide? Let’s learn more about the actor’s personal life and family background.

The Japanese actor was well known for starring as Eren Jaeger in the live-action adaptation of the famous manga Attack on Titan.

He also starred in other popular movies, such as Kimi ni Todoke, Tokyo Park, Last Cinderella, Boku no Ita Jikan, and The Eternal Zero.

Besides movies, Miura also acted in theater productions, with his lead role as Lola in 2016’s Kinky Boots being lauded by critics. 

He won Best New Actor and the Haruko Sugimura Award at the 24th Yomiuri Theater Awards for portraying the character.

Moreover, Miura was also a singer who debuted in 2019 with “Fight for Your Heart” and the 2020 posthumous single “Night Driver.”

Haruma Miura made his acting debut at age seven in Agri, the 1997 TV drama.

However, his breakthrough performance was as Hiroki Sakurai in the 2007 movie Koizira, for which he won the Newcomer of the Year at the 31st Japan Academy Prize. 

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Haruma Miura Death- Why Did The Japanese Actor Suicide

Japanese actor Haruma Miura death from suicide came as a shocker in 2020, as he was at the peak of his career.

On July 18, 2020, Miura’s manager found him unresponsive after hanging himself in his closet at his Minato, Tokyo home.

The 30-year-old actor was rushed to the hospital but was soon announced dead. 

Haruma Miura death
Haruma Miura’s death by suicide came to everyone’s surprise, as he was a cheerful person full of life. (Source: Instagram)

Authorities believed that the actor died of an apparent suicide because they found a suicide note in his room.

The undated note was written in his notebook, which expressed his anxiety and thoughts about dying.

However, his friends told the media that he did not show signs of being suicidal before his death.

Many claimed he took his own life due to cyberbullying and hate comments, but his close friends and colleagues refuted the claims.

Millions of his fans paid respect to the actor on his death with the hashtag #SekaiWaHoshiiMonoNiAfureteru on Twitter, which translated to “the world is full of things you want.”

Meet Haruma Miura Parents

Haruma Miura was born to his parents on April 5, 1990. However, the media has not disclosed his father and mother’s identities.

After Miura’s demise, many news portals reported that he had a turbulent relationship with his parents.

Miura’s parents divorced when he was just a tiny boy, and his father left his mother to raise him alone.

The economic condition of his mother was not good, and she used to work in a local shop as he started acting at the early age of seven.

His mom soon married a nightclub person, and her relationship with Haruma started to fall apart.

Slowly, Miura got more roles in television and movies and improved his economic condition.

Some years before Miura’s death, his mother separated from his stepfather and lived in a high-end apartment owned by her son.

After she started spending excessive money, a discouraged Haruma started drinking and severed ties with his mother. 

Haruma Miura
Haruma Miura had a turbulent relationship with his parents. (Source: Instagram)

Miura met his father after twenty years when he had heart surgery and wanted to see his son.

The two reconciled, and Miura even took up his father’s surname. 

The cause of Miura’s suicide is heavily linked to his family background and the friction between him and his parents.

Even after his death, it was reported that Haruma’s father and mother disagreed over his 100 million yen fortune.

As a result, the actor’s biological parents had several court rounds for the inheritance of their son’s wealth.

Reportedly, the ex-spouses disagreed about who would take their son’s ashes, which eventually went to the mother.

A year after Miura’s death, it was announced that his biological father died, leaving his mother the sole heir of his fortune.

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