Judy Woodruff retired

 Judy Woodruff will leave her position as an anchor for PBS NewsHour. News of Judy Woodruff retired information has her fans intrigued.

American broadcast journalist Judy Carline Woodruff has been covering news for the network, cable, and public television since 1976.

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Judy serves as the managing editor and anchor for PBS NewsHour. Since 1976, Woodruff has covered each presidential election and convention.

She has moderated US presidential debates and conducted interviews with several state leaders.

Woodruff began local television news in Atlanta in 1968 after earning his degree from Duke University. In 1976, she was hired by NBC News as a White House correspondent, a position she held for six years.

Judy Woodruff Retired: Who Will Replace Her?

Judy Woodruff, a PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor, announced her intention to leave the anchor desk on Friday, December 30, 2022.

She has decided to start a two-year initiative to better understand how Americans see their nation and whether its current profound political divisions can be healed.

Judy Woodruff Presents: America at a Crossroads, a nationwide reporting undertaking, will take up most of Woodruff’s 2023 and 2024.

Through interviews with voters, local and federal politicians, writers, historians, religious and community leaders, and policy experts, the endeavor will examine how America came to be in such a polarized political situation and what remedies people envision.

Judy Woodruff retired
Judy Woodruff interviewed Hillary Clinton in NYC. (Source: Instagram)

Amna Nawaz & Geoff Bennett are ready to replace her. Amna Nawaz, a senior national journalist for PBS NewsHour, has been promoted to a chief correspondent for the evening newscast. On Fridays, she will also cover the White House for the NewsHour.

Nawaz, a Pakistani American, is the first Asian American and Muslim American to preside over a presidential debate. Nawaz will continue to serve as Judy Woodruff’s principal replacement anchor on the NewsHour and take on her new tasks.

She will also co-host and anchor some prime time and another special programming. She will continue to present the PBS arts program Beyond the Canvas in the evening.

Details on Judy Woodruff Family

Chief warrant officer William H. Woodruff and Anna Lee Woodruff welcomed Woodruff into the world on November 20, 1946, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Anita is her only sibling. She was an army brat who moved around between kindergarten and sixth grade, attending seven schools. When Woodruff was five years old, her family relocated from Oklahoma to Germany.

She later relocated to army bases in Missouri and New Jersey, went back to Oklahoma, spent some time in Taiwan, then went north to Augusta, Georgia, when her Father was assigned to Fort Gordon.

Woodruff attended Augusta high school and the Academy of Richmond County. 

The net worth of Judy Woodruff

Over three decades have passed since Judy Woodruff began her career. Although Judy has previously held positions at CNN, NBC, and PBS, Judy currently serves as the managing editor and anchor of the PBS NewsHour.

Her estimated net worth is $3 million. Since Jimmy Carter’s election, Woodruff has covered every election and contest with extensive political journalism experience.

She has also moderated several presidential debates. Aside from broadcasting, Woodruff is a published author.

Judy Woodruff Retired
Judy Woodruff Interviewed ice President Mike Pence. (Source: Interview)

During her senior year at Duke, Woodruff applied for her first journalism position over spring break. After graduating in 1968, she was hired as a secretary at the news department of the ABC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia (WQXI-TV).

She worked as a secretary for the station’s last six months, and on Sundays, she also gave the weather forecast. 

After a year and a half, Woodruff departed the affiliate to work as a reporter for the nearby CBS affiliate WAGA-TV. She hosted the noon and evening news and covered the Georgia State Legislature.

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