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Rumors are that Paul Ansell, Nicola Bulley’s partner, has been arrested. Here is more about the mysterious disappearance of the mother-of-two.

Nicola Bulley has been missing for almost two weeks, and there have been no signs of her anywhere.

She was last seen on Friday, January 27, 2023, when she walked her dog at St Michael’s in Wyre, England, not far from her Inskip home.

On the day she disappeared, Nicola dropped her two kids at school and went to the nearby river to walk her dog.

She was last seen at 9:45 am at River Wyre off Garstang Road in St Michael’s on Wyre. 

A pedestrian found her fluffy white dog with the lead and harness on the bench and called the police.

Her phone was also found on a nearby bench, still connected to a conference call from her workplace.

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Has Paul Ansell Been Arrested?

No, Paul Ansell has not been arrested. Reports of his arrest are false and baseless.

Ansell grieves that his wife has not been found after almost two weeks.

He is doing all means possible to help rescuers find his partner, hopeful that she is safe.

After the mysterious disappearance of the mother-of-two, many people online accuse Ansell of foul play.

There have been many conspiracy theories that her longtime boyfriend must have been involved in her disappearance.

However, at the start of the investigation, Paul Ansell was immediately cleared by police.

Has Paul Ansell Been Arrested
A dejected Paul Ansell watches as officers search for his partner, Nicola Bulley, who has been missing for two weeks. (Source: The Sun)

The 44-year-old told BBC that his partner’s disappearance has been a “perpetual hell.”

He also said the daughters ask him, “Where’s mommy?” and are waiting for their mommy to return safely.

There is a dedicated subreddit, r/NicolaBulley, with 3.5K members, where people discuss and post content about her disappearance. 

Recently, police issued dispersal notices after several social media speculation.

The case of Nikki’s disappearance has garnered much national attention, and the scene of her disappearance has been a hotspot for media influencers.

Hence, a dispersal order was put in place Wednesday, preventing anyone from taking photos and videos for social media.

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Where Is Nicola Bulley Partner Paul Ansell Now?

Paul Ansell was seen with “head in hands”; another search attempt also went futile on Wednesday.

Divers were deployed to search for Bulley in the river. Still no signs of her.

Mr. Ansell has been in a relationship with Nicola Bulley for 12 years and lives in Inskip, Lancashire, England, with two daughters, aged nine and six.

The couple often took turns dropping off their daughters at a local primary school and taking their pet dog Willow for a walk along the nearby river.

Nicola Bulley’s partner, Paul Ansell, described her disappearance as a perpetual hell. (Source: Telegraph)

Bulley is originally from Essex and was briefly married to a businessman named Simon Booth in Blackpool.

Ansell is an electrical engineer originally from Blackpool. He works in the automotive and aerospace industries.

He started his career in the sports car manufacturer TVR and has worked for BAE Systems and Bentley.

He is also a singer who often sings with his band in his spare time.

Nicola’s parents told the media that disappearing was uncharacteristic of their daughter and suspected foul play.

However, despite the frustration of no lead, Mr. Ansell is hopeful of finding his partner of 12 years.

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