Thewizardliz Plastic Surgery

Many people are confused between Thewizardliz and Liziane Gutierrez as their names match and speculate that Thewizardliz went under plastic surgery.

However, Liziane is the one who is dealing with a painful result from cosmetic facial procedures and needs emergency surgery to avoid possible death.

Thewizardliz’s real name is Lize Dzjabrailova. Thewizardliz and Liziane are entirely different people.

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Has Thewizardliz Done Plastic Surgery? Before And After Photo

The one who underwent surgery is model Liziane Gutierrez, but many people got confused and thought Thewizardliz was the one who experienced the surgery.

However, Thewizardliz has not done any plastic surgery or fillers. The rumors about her getting surgery got viral after the news of Liziane’s surgery, as their names match.

The Brazilian model Gutierrez had to undergo the potentially life-saving procedure in her home country, as the filler she had injected in her cheeks and lips was causing deformed swelling.

Thewizardliz Plastic Surgery
Liziane Gutierrez before and after photos. (Source: Purepeople)

According to the sources, Gutierrez’s doctor believed she was at risk of an infection that could get into her blood and kill her. 

Moreover, less than a year before the Instagram personality got the stuff injected into her face; the girl barely survived slipping into a coma after liposuction went away.

Who Is Thewizardliz? Age And Wiki

Thewizardliz is a famous American YouTuber, TikTok Star, and social media celebrity born on January 1, 1999, in the United States. She is 25 years old. 

According to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 52 kg.

Lize has beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Dzjabrailova holds an American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Thewizardliz Age
Thewizardliz is 23 year old TikTok star and Youtuber. (Source: Anabel)

Furthermore, the TikTok star is not involved in any romantic relationship. She is single and unmarried.

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The YouTuber wants to help people feel empowered in their bodies, much like she has learned to do. Most of her TikTok videos contain the motivational thoughts she had.

However, Reddit seems to think a lot differently about the social media celebrity, Liz, as they describe her as a “deluded narcissist.”

Is Thewizardliz And Liziane Gutierrez Related? Liziane Gutierrez Biography

Thewizardliz and Liziane Gutierrez are not related to each other; however, their names are pretty similar, which created confusion among the public.

Liziane Gutierrez is a well-known model, media face, influencer, social media star, social worker, and Instagram personality.

Gutierrez is best known in the country for her amazing bikini photoshoot. The model also has worked with several brands and magazines.

Thewizardliz Plastic Surgery
Liziane Gutierrez underwent surgery to avoid possible death. (Source: OFuxico)

The media face was born on March 31, 1986, in Rio de Janeiro, the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is 37 years old.

Moreover, the influencer holds Brazilian nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Similarly, Liziane follows the Christianity religion.

According to the source, the Instagram personality obtained a graduation degree from a renowned institution but never unfolded the exact details about her qualifications on the web.

Furthermore, Gutierrez is married to her husband, Antonio Machedo; however, some sources claim that the couple got divorced and lived separately.


Who Is Thewizardliz?

Thewizardliz is a famous TikTok star and Youtuber. Her real name is Lize Dzjabrailova.

Has Thewizardliz Done Surgery?

No, Thewizardliz has not done surgery. Liziane is the one who went under the surgery. People needed clarification as their names matched.

How Old Is Thewizardliz?

Thewizardliz is 25 years old.

Is Thewizardliz And Liziane Gutierrez Related?

No, Thewizardliz and Liziane Gutierrez are not related to each other.

Who Is Liziane Gutierrez?

Liziane Gutierrez is a well-known influencer, model, and Instagram personality.

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