Hattie Davis Wikipedia

Hattie Davis Wikipedia has become trending as people want to know who the person is in the recent SNL skit that has attracted online controversy.

Hattie Davis is a Black poet/activist who was invited to join the hosts of Saturday Night Live (SNL), Michael Che and Colin Jost, during a segment called the joke swap.

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In this segment, Che and Jost exchange jokes, and Hattie Davis is brought on stage to sit next to Jost as he delivers some racially charged jokes.

The segment was part of an SNL episode featuring this tradition’s return. This has made Hattie Davis’s name trend on the Internet, and netizens seek more information. 

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SNL Hattie Davis Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

The recent episode of Saturday Night Live has sparked curiosity about Hattie Davis, an apparent activist sitting on stage while Colin delivered increasingly offensive jokes.

The episode marked the return of a tradition: the joke swap between Michael Che and Colin Jost, and it was predictably insane and unhinged.

This skit has prompted interest in learning more about Hattie, including her age and details on Wikipedia.

Hattie Davis Wikipedia
There is no information about Hattie Davis, the invitee of the SNL (Source: Cattermatt)

However, there is currently limited information available about her, and she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

During the episode, Che raised the stakes by inviting a woman he identified as Black poet/activist Hattie Davis to join them, with her role being to listen and shake her head.

Che’s jokes for Jost were equally brutal, including one about the Middle East conflict. Jost anticipated things wouldn’t go well for him, and he was right.

His attempts at humor, such as a joke about geneticists bringing back the dodo to Africa, were met with a photo of Barack Obama and disapproval from the activist.

This entire sketch pushed the envelope more than recent SNL segments, likely making it polarizing. Those who enjoyed it likely loved the bold approach.

While it may have seemed that Hattie was genuinely upset, it’s speculated that the writers or producers informed her in advance about the nature of the bit.

Her presence emphasized the point of dunking on Colin, making the mission of the sketch a success.

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Hattie Davis: Activist Scandal And Controversy

In a recent episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL), Hattie Davis found herself at the center of controversy following a segment on the show’s Weekend Update.

The controversy erupted when Colin Jost, in an annual December tradition of comedians writing jokes for each other, introduced Hattie Davis as “someone very special who was last on this show, Season 3, 46 years ago.”

However, the mood turned sour when a joke penned by Michael Che and delivered by Jost took an offensive turn.

Jost, attempting to navigate through Che’s script, read aloud, “I’m kidding, honey. I love all of your movies. And if you ask me, you’re an even better black widow than Coretta Scott King.”

Hattie Davis Wikipedia
Che and Jost delivered a sketch by which Hattie Davis was genuinely upset (Source: Deadline)

The punchline drew immediate disapproval from Hattie Davis, visibly marking an uncomfortable moment during the broadcast.

The joke comparing Scarlett Johansson to Coretta Scott King has sparked social media backlash due to its inappropriate and insensitive nature.

Critics emphasize the importance of comedians exercising caution in their material, especially when touching on sensitive topics or figures.

The incident has reignited conversations about the responsibility of comedians and the potential consequences of crossing the line in pursuit of humor.

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