Hayden Kho And Vicki Belo

Hayden Kho And Vicki Belo Video is one of the most searched topics on the web. If you want to know the truth about their scandal, read this article till the end.

Hayden Kho is a Filipino celebrity and doctor known for his involvement in the entertainment industry, particularly in the Philippines. Kho is also a licensed medical doctor. He pursued a career in medicine and became a certified cosmetic surgeon.

Furthermore, Kho has performed various cosmetic procedures and surgeries, gaining recognition for his expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Apart from his professional work, Kho was involved in a scandal in 2009 which dragged him into the controversy. Due to that, the news still makes rounds on the web.

Before knowing everything about Kho’s scandal, let’s get to know about Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo’s video.

Hayden Kho And Vicki Belo Video Goes Viral

Various online sources are covered with Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo video, which has gone viral. For the past few days, online users have been searching for the clip of Hayden and his wife, Vicki.

Many people speculated that Kho and his wife’s private video got leaked. However, there is no truth about it, but some TikTok videos of the pair have gained a huge amount of public attention.

Hayden Kho And Vicki Belo Video
Hayden Kho And Vicki Belo have been making rounds on internet sources for the past few days. ( Source: Instagram )

Some of the viral TikTok videos of the married pair can be found online and have been shared by various media sources. Apart from that, some fake news has also been made related to the pair.

Unverified online portals made news about Kho and Belo’s videos just to get views on their posts. As of now, the married couple has not said anything about the ongoing rumors related to their video.

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Hayden Kho Scandal And Controversy Explained

Hayden Kho was involved in a scandal in the past, and the controversy still makes rounds on the internet sources. Online sources claimed a private video of Kho and an actress was leaked.

In the viral video, Kho and the lady were said to have been involved in an intimate moment. The video has also been posted by various adult sites, while some of them have posted fake videos to get views on their post.

Hayden Kho Scandal
Hayden Kho scandal dragged him into the controversy, and the news still makes rounds on various platforms. ( Source: Instagram )

The controversy about Kho’s actions stayed in the news for a long time. One of the people involved, a Filipina actress named Katrina Halili, took legal action against Kho.

Not only that, but she sued him in both criminal and civil court because they were partners in a show called Celebrity Duets.

Hayden Kho Scandal Update

The Hayden Kho scandal dragged him into the controversy, and the news stayed in the media prominence for a long time. Kho was brought to a senate hearing and was tried publicly on national television.

The Philippine Board of Medicine took away Kho’s doctor’s license. They did this because they said he behaved in a way that wasn’t right, and that’s why he couldn’t be a part of the medical community anymore.

Hayden Kho Scandal Update
Hayden Kho has attempted suicide two times. ( Source: Instagram )

In December of the same year, he reportedly tried to commit suicide for the second time. Not to mention, he had also tried to commit suicide in December 2008. 

The suicide news also made rounds online, but now Kho seems to have moved on and is doing well in his life.

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