Heath Streak Wife

Nadine Streak is Former Zimbabwe cricketer Heath Streak wife. The Streak couple have been together for nearly three decades and are proud parents of four kids.

Heath Streak is a former cricketer and cricket coach of Zimbabwean nationality. He played and captained the Zimbabwe national cricket team.

Based on his statistical record, Streak is the best bowler to have played for the country. After ending his playing career, he began his coaching career in August 2009.

Heath has been making headlines due to his health issues. Many are also curious to learn more about his wife. Here is what we know about Nadine Streak.

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Zimbabwe Cricketer Heath Streak Wife Nadine Streak

Former Zimbabwe cricketer Heath Streak shares a blissful marital life with his longtime spouse, Nadine Streak. The adorable duo have been together for nearly three decades.

Heath Streak Wife
Heath Streak has been together with his wife, Nadine Streak, for nearly three decades. (Image Source: Daily News)

The cricketer’s wife is his biggest supporter. Nadine occasionally comes to the spotlight for her unwavering support of her husband.

In 2018, Mrs. Streak jumped to defend her husband after the Zimbabwe cricket board chairperson accused Heath of being racist.

At the time, Heath Streak and his technical team were dismissed after the Zimbabwe national team didn’t meet the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup requirement.

In an attempt to rationalize Streak’s firing, Mukuhlani claimed that the former Zimbabwe captain was picking the side based on race.

The accusation greatly infuriated Nadine. In an exclusive interview with Daily News, she said her husband was being branded a racist when he adopted a black son, Kevin.

“This racial card has been difficult for me to remain silent as we are a multiracial family,” Nadine explained. She said one of the gentlemen asked how she could use her own child on social media as a weapon.

Heath Streak Wife
Heath Streak adopted a son, Kevin (second from left). (Image Source: Twitter)

Mrs. Streak responded to it, saying, “What message am I sending to my children if I don’t speak out against something we both strongly oppose?”

“To co-create a world that our children can inherit, we have taught them that we all bleed the same red blood and that the only color in life that matters is red,” the former athlete’s wife added.

Heath Streak Children: How Many Kids Does He Have?

Heath Streak and his wife, Nadine Streak, are proud parents of four kids – two boys and two daughters. Mrs. Streak addressed their sons and daughters as their greatest joy.

While three are the couple’s biological children, one was adopted. Streak’s sons – Kevin and Harry –  are into sports. Kevin is passionate about rugby, and Harry is more into sports across the board.

Likewise, the Streak couple’s daughters also enjoy sports. The former Zimbabwe captain spends much time with his kids playing various games, including rugby, soccer, tennis, etc.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t play cricket with them. According to his wife, Heath Streak said he doesn’t want their children to feel cricket was forced on them.

Heath Streak Illness And Cancer Update

Heath Streak wife is doing fine physically; however, mentally, she might be taking a lot of toll as her husband, the former professional cricketer, Streak is seriously ill.

On 13 May 2023, Zimbabwean senator David Coltart broke the news about Streak’s health.

He revealed that the former Zimbabwe coach had stage four colon and liver cancer. It has also been revealed that Heath Streak is on his deathbed.

Heathe is currently undergoing treatment under one of the most respected oncologists in South Africa.

The statement further revealed that the former cricketer would continue to fight the illness like he used to face his opponents while playing on the field. The family also requested to respect their privacy.

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