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Hector Maugeri pareja has garnered huge public attention, but the Director of Faces Magazine has not talked about his love life yet.

Hector Maugeri is a Vice director of the magazine FACES who is also famous for being the author of the book named Divas. He is also the director of Caras magazine. 

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Maugeri garnered significant attention on the internet when Caras was accused of publishing a note featuring Claudia Villafañe, which ultimately turned out to be non-existent.

Maugeri responded to the accusation of a controversial cover featuring Claudia Villafañe with a letter stating that an archive photo was used, and the note was written with love and respect, honoring Diego’s memory.

Not only that, but he also commended his ex-wife’s strength as a woman, mother, and grandmother. 

Héctor Maugeri Actual Pareja – A Look at His Married Life

There have been no records of Hector Maugeri having a pareja (partner). The Faces vice director has not talked anything about his love life openly in the media.

Due to his low-key nature, none of the media outlets have been able to cover information regarding his married life. Meanwhile, Maugeri has a solid fan base on Instagram, where he is registered as @hectormaugeri.

Hector Maugeri Pareja
Hector Maugeri with his pet dog named Amanda. ( Source: Instagram )

Despite that, Maugeri has not made a single post regarding his love matters yet. As his fans and followers are constantly asking questions about his partner, Maugeri may give some hints in the future.

Meanwhile, Maugeri lives with his pet dog, whose name is Amanda. He often features Amanda on his Instagram page. 

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Héctor Maugeri Edad: Meet His Parents Elena and Felipe

Hector Maugeri was born to his loving parents named, Elena and Felipe, in Argentina. So, he holds Argentine nationality. As Maugeri’s birthdate remains unknown, his actual Edad (age) is not available.

Besides that, Maugeri is a family person who loves spending his spare time with them privately. He rarely features his father and mother on his Instagram posts.

On February 14, 2023, Maugeri shared some snaps of his parents’ wedding, revealing they had been married for over 60 years. He also said that his dad is no more in this world.

Hector Parents
Hector Maugeri shared a photo of his parent’s marriage. ( Source: Instagram )

Despite that, Maugeri’s mother loves him a lot. From that, Hector was trying to explain the perfect example of love. In the post, many of his well-wishers left sweet messages.

Further information regarding his other family members remains unknown; as we know, Maugeri is a private guy who loves keeping his matters to himself rather than sharing them publicly. 

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Magazine Director Héctor Maugeri Wikipedia and Biografia

The young personality, Hector Maugeri, serves as the Vice Director of the magazine FACES. It’s been many years since Maugeri’s involvement in Journalism, and he has worked in many outlets.

It is reported that Maugeri has contributed articles to multiple Argentine newspapers such as La Nación, Clarin, and Página/12. 

Hector Maugeri Event
Hector Maugeri snapped at American Theatre Wing. ( Source: Instagram )

As said earlier, Maugeri is also a talented author who is also famous for his book named DIVAS, edited by Editorial Perfil y Planeta. The book has a detailed and engaging investigation of the lives of iconic female entertainers. 

Having done many prominent works, Hector has surely preserved a considerable fortune, and his net worth may indeed reach in the six figures in the coming years. 

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