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People are curious to learn about Héctor Vidal Rivas Wikipedia. Explore more about former model Vidal Rivas via this article. 

Héctor Vidal Rivas grew up in San Telmo, the youngest of three brothers. Rivas was interested in working as a model but later realized he wanted to work behind the scene. 

Many people don’t know him as he works behind the screen. However, those who know him have mentioned him as a kind-hearted and polite person. 

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Héctor Vidal Rivas Wikipedia And Biografía

Héctor Vidal Rivas is a former model, designer, runway producer, and confidante.

He went on to study Design at Delego Lagarrigue school and took a fashion and art course at École Supérieure des Arts Et Técnicas de La Mode in Paris in 1969.

Héctor Vidal Rivas was present in Fundami Gala at Costa Galana Hotel.
Héctor Vidal Rivas was present in Fundami Gala at Costa Galana Hotel. (Image Source: Instagram)

When color television was introduced, he took another course to adapt to the new technology. By the early 1970s, he began producing shows that were considered groundbreaking for their time.

Héctor was known for his quirky fashion sense and unique work approach during his early years.

He recounts how he borrowed the stage design from Nélida Lobato’s play as a backdrop for his fashion show. He also produced “Argentine Fashion” at the Teatro Argentino, inspired by the musical comedy “Hair.”

Vidal Rivas worked on the iconic television show “Alta tension” and the famous novel “My son Damian” as the responsible person for costumes and images.

He also worked in Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand (1968), where he worked in 491 episodes as a costume designer. 

The former model has worked with many well-known personalities and has shared pictures with them on his Instagram. 

He seems to be active on Instagram; he has often shared pictures of his work, and with the people, he has worked with. 

Vidal Rivas has more than seven thousand followers on his Instagram. 

Héctor Vidal Rivas Edad: How Old Is The Former Model?

Héctor Vidal Rivas does not disclose his age but jokingly mentions that he is younger than Mirtha Legrand without giving specific age details.

The former model has never publicly shared his exact date of birth, but looking at his pictures, he seems to be in his early 50s. 

As little information about his age is shared, we cannot confirm it. The important point is he has chosen not to share it in public. 

He wants to maintain privacy and avoid being defined by his age or any age-related assumptions people may make about him.

Héctor Vidal Rivas Family Details 

Vidal Rivas was married for twelve years and separated in 2005. His wife’s information has not been mentioned in public. 

He mentioned struggling when he separated from his wife, but his children motivated him. 

The former model has three children with his ex-wife, Santiago, Manuela, and Valentín. 

He mentioned that his children live in Miami, and he finds it challenging to connect with them like he used to. 

Héctor Vidal Rivas shared a picture of his daughter and grandchildren.
Héctor Vidal Rivas shared a picture of his daughter and grandchildren. (Image Source: Instagram)

Vidal Rivas has two grandchildren, Olivia and Emilia. He often shares pictures of them on Instagram. 

The former model mentioned that his younger granddaughter was born during the pandemic, so he couldn’t meet him for long. Vidals Rivas has a great bond with all of his children. 

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