Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner Plastic Surgery: The American actress Heidi Gardner is being gossiped about about her changed appearance. Let’s know more.

Heidi Lynn Gardner, better known as Heidi Garden, is an American actress, comedian, and writer. Besides, she has been featured in multiple tv series and movies. 

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Further, she was also a cast member on the N.B.C. sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live since 2017, beginning in season 43, where she was cast alongside Luke Null and Chris Redd.

Moreover, she started her career at 21, and the actress dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles to start her further career.

After moving to Los Angles, she worked at a hair salon for nine years. Working in the salon for a long time, she saved $600 over one summer. 

Gardner was career-focused from an early age, and she has always been keen to start her career and be one of the successful personalities.

Additionally, she got what she had dreamed of, so today, Gardner is one of teg leading stars in the American entertainment vocation. 

Heidi Gardner Plastic Surgery Before And After

Many fans speculate that Heidi Gardner has undergone plastic surgery as her past pictures have undergone many facial changes. 

Lately, people have been talking about her facial appearance, including Botox and fillers. However, the actress hasn’t shared much about her knife journey lately. 

According to the sources, the comedian had done cheek filling and forehead smoothness. Additionally, she appears to have done her forehead shimmering with shine.

Heidi Gardner plastic surgery
Heidi Gardner with her new look. (Source: Deadline)

Although Heidi has never confessed she had changed her face and physical appearance, these are just speculation made by her fans. 

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Further, her surgery rumors appeared after fans noticed that the actress had no wrinkles or creases, which were expected given her age.

Therefore, Gardner appeared swollen due to the lack of creases and the complexion. Additionally, her cheeks seemed overly waxy.

What is Wrong With Heidi Gardner Teeth?

Along with her appearance, fans are also wondering about her teeth, and many of them have also commented about her teeth. 

As per the sources, she used to wear braces, and many of her fans have complimented her that her teeth look great, but currently, she doesn’t wear any braces so fans might be wondering about it. 

However, she hasn’t said anything about her personal details at the moment. Further, the actress has barred herself from sharing her personal details. 

Heidi Gardner
Heidi Gardner in an event flaunting her smile. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Heidi has often ignored her surgery rumors, so we have no details about what she had done with her teeth. 

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Meet SNL’s Heidi Gardner Husband, Zeb Wells

Heidi Gardner is a married lady living a happy life with her beloved husband, Zeb Wells. Zeb is also a comic book writer famous for his work at Marvel Comics.

His notable works are SuperMansion, Robot Chicken, New Mutants Vol. 3, Venom: Dark Origin, and The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6.

Heidi Gardner
Heidi Gardner’s Husband, Zed Wells. (Source: NICKI SWIFT)

Heidi and her husband have been married for over a decade, and their love life is still going well. They officially became a husband and a wife after tying the knot in 2010.

Despite being married for a long time, they have not started a family and do not have kids. We believe the duo is focused on their career at the moment. We can follow them on social media to get more updates on their lifestyle.

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