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Businessman and Nitribitt’s friend Heinz Pohlmann was the main suspect in the 1950s slaying of Rosemarie Nitribitt.

The assertion that Pohlmann wrote a book about the Nitribitt case after serving his time in prison for embezzlement is unsupported by any evidence.

Instead, Pohlmann published several articles in Quick magazine in 1958, just before he was imprisoned, explaining his final days with Rosemarie Nitribitt from his perspective.

Heinz Pohlmann Wikipedia

Rosemarie Nitribitt was discovered dead in her Stiftstraße 36 apartment in Frankfurt on November 1, 1957. Three days before her death, allegedly when she passed away. She had a head wound and signs of strangulation on her body.

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Rosemarie Nitribitt’s grave.
Source: Wikipedia

The main suspect was Nitribitt’s friend and business associate, Heinz Pohlmann. On October 29, he had gone to see her.

He was able to pay off large debts and purchase an expensive car a few days after the murder, but he could not explain where the money came from and gave contradictory answers when questioned.

At his job, he had stolen money. He was accused of killing her, but in July 1960, a jury found him not guilty due to reasonable doubt.

There have been rumors that Nitribitt’s murder was connected to the unsolved 1957 murder of prostitute Blonde Dolly in the Netherlands.

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In Frankfurt, a very similar case took place nine years after the murder of Nitribitt. The murder of wealthy prostitute Helga Matura, who also attracted clients by driving a Mercedes, went unsolved.

In 1968, a fake stamp with the words “Zeh Jahre [um] Trauer R. Nitribitt” and a picture of a murdered Nitribitt was in circulation in Germany (“10 years mourning [for] R. Nitribitt”)

Heinz Pohlmann Age

Heinz seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal information, as the Businessman has not yet shared any details regarding his age, date of birth, etc., with the public.

However, based on his internet photos, we may guess he is already in his mid-80s. Heinz Pohlmann himself has yet to validate this information.

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Sadly, other information about him, like his height, weight, and others, was not yet revealed to the public.

Heinz Pohlmann Family

Heinz has not shared any photos or videos with his family anywhere on the internet. Hence, no information about his mother, Father, or siblings was obtained.

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As of 2022, there is no information regarding his wife or children on the internet. Because the businessman does not use social media platforms such as Instagram and others, no photographs of his family were discovered.

Heinz Pohlmann Net Worth 2022

Heinz has not yet revealed his exact net worth to the public. He is a Businessman, and after the death of Rosemarie Nitribitt, Heinz repaid his debt and bought an expensive car.

Hence, we can assume the Businessman has earned significantly.

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Even though Heinz has not revealed his exact net worth to the public yet, his estimated net worth is said to be over a million dollars. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the Businessman himself.

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