Hellen Muthoni

Hellen Muthoni accident news is all over the internet sources, and here are more facts related to her accident.

Hellen Muthoni is a notable TV presenter and gospel singer from Kenya who gained popularity for hosting the Inooro show Rurumeke every Sunday.

Many described Muthoni’s presence on the show as inspirational and touching. Initially, she was interested in acting and worked with various production companies.

Furthermore, Muthoni hosted the gospel show for about seven years but shared the news of her departure on September 12, 2023. 

Moreover, Muthoni often gets into media prominence for multiple reasons, and people are eager to know something related to her accident, which has been shared below.

Hellen Muthoni Accident Update: Where Is She Now?

Hellen Muthoni accident update is one of the most searched topics online. In the past, there were some records of Hellens being involved in an accident.

However, some verified media sources have not provided much information about this topic. In 2021, an online portal reported that Muthoni was involved in an accident along Thika Rd, which she managed to come out unhurt. 

Later, Muthoni allegedly exposed the Lorry that hit her car. While exposing the Lorry, she disclosed that it hit her car and ran away.

Hellen Muthoni Accident
Hellen Muthoni is making rounds online after people started searching for her accident news. (Source: Instagram)

As said earlier, Muthoni was not hurt despite being involved in an accident. Considering everything accessible in the media, it can be confirmed that Muthoni is now fine.

Muthoni can be followed on Instagram under the username registered as @hellen_msoo. Hellen has more than 188k followers.

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What Happened To Hellen Muthoni?

As said earlier, Hellen Muthoni was once involved in an accident, but luckily, she was not injured. She was involved in an accident along Thika Rd.

She revealed that the Lorry hit her car and ran away. Some of Muthoni’s followers have advised her to consider taking action against the driver in charge, considering he had run away instead of solving the matter at hand.

Hellen Muthoni
Hellen Muthoni was said to be involved in an accident, and she allegedly shared some photos on her social media handles. (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention, Muthoni shared some snaps on her social media handles where her followers gave some suggestions to Hellen.

No more updates regarding the accident have been shared by Hellen, but people still ask multiple questions.

Short Details On Hellen Muthoni

Hellen Muthoni is one of the most loved figures from Kenya who has been working in the television industry for a long time. She was born in 1989 to her parents and was raised alongside her three siblings.

The Muthoni family faced a tragic moment when they lost their father in the August 1998 bomb blast. She has a good bond with her family members.

Hellen Muthoni
Hellen Muthoni is a prominent Kenyan TV presenter and gospel singer. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her educational background, Muthoni went to Matimbei Primary School, and later, she attended a school in Limuru. 

After completing class eight, Muthoni’s brother-in-law, who was a doctor, helped pay for her school fees. She also studied at St. Luke’s High School. 

She also has a good career as a gospel singer and has credited Paul Mwai and James Wanyoike as mentors in her music journey. Hellen’s song titled Ndimugure, meaning I am redeemed, was a collaboration with artist Mercy Masika.

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