Hellen Muthoni Husband Photos

Many people are looking for Hellen Muthoni husband photos and wedding details as they are eager to learn about her marital life.

Hellen Muthoni is a well-known Kenyan gospel artist and television host. She is widely recognized for hosting Inooro TV’s Rurumuka Show, which airs every Sunday.

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In addition to being a television personality, Muthoni is a talented singer specializing in worship songs.

After seven years, Hellen recently departed from her role as the host of Rurumuka.

Following her departure, there has been much curiosity about her personal life, particularly her marital life, husband, and children. Explore more below.

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Hellen Muthoni Husband Photos And Wedding Details

Hellen Muthoni is not married at the moment. The fan-favorite television personality has been single for a while and has not been married since her first marriage.

Hellen Muthoni Husband Photos
Hellen Muthoni was once rumored to be dating her co-host, DJ Covenant. (Image Source: MSN)

As the gorgeous lady has been single for an extended period, most of her fans and followers assumed she was dating her Rurumuka Show co-host, DJ Covenant.

However, Muthoni publicly denied the rumors. Moreover, the gospel artist has said that she sees no need to rush into dating just for the sake of it.

No information is available about her husband or if she is seeing anyone currently.

Although many videos on YouTube and websites claim to show Hellen Muthoni’s wedding or husband, they are either misleading or unconfirmed.

For instance, one video titled “INOORO TV HELLEN MUTHONI WEDDING” shows a clip of Hellen doing a live video addressing some of her fans’ questions.

Another video titled “Hellen Muthoni Biography Age Husband Hidden Facts Children and Wealth” reveals nothing about her husband or children but only about her career and net worth.

Therefore, based on the available sources, it seems that Hellen Muthoni is still single and focused on her music and TV career.

She has not publicly announced plans to marry or introduce her partner to her fans.

Hellen Muthoni First Marriage

Hellen Muthoni’s first marriage is not well documented. However, some sources have reported that she married at a young age, but the marriage did not last long.

Hellen Muthoni Husband Photos
Hellen Muthoni has not shared much about her first marriage. (Image Source: Facebook)

As reported by KELEbrity, a guest on Rurumuka Show once disclosed that Hellen Muthoni’s first husband nearly killed her together with their kids.

It appears the gospel artist faced a lot of challenges and abuse in her first marriage, and she eventually decided to walk away from it. However, it should be noted that Muthoni has not confirmed any of these things.

In addition, the television personality has not shared much about her children, including their names and birth details.

Hopefully, Hellen Muthoni will come at ease and address the curiosity of her fans and followers in the coming days.

Hellen Muthoni Family And Upbringing

Hellen Muthoni is the second child of her parents. The renowned gospel singer reportedly has a brother and two sisters.

She was a sassy child, unlike her quiet elder sister. Muthoni grew up with her siblings and parents in the Kiambu County village of Matimbei.

Hellen and her family faced a tragic loss when her father was killed in the 1998 Nairobi bombing, which turned their lives upside down.

Her father’s relatives from his side of the family threw them out of their home as soon as they learned the awful news, leaving them with no choice but to take refuge in her grandmother’s house.

This act of disloyalty and the sudden end of their comfortable life made her mother very depressed.

They had to rely on the kindness of strangers for their survival. She attended the girls’ high school in Gataragwa.

The gospel singer had a great passion for acting. After completing her high school education, she starred in several Kikuyu plays with production companies such as Fanaka and Johari Production, and the rest is history.

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