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Helmut Berger family is mourning the death of the late Actor, who passed away on May 18, 2023, at 78 years old. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Helmut Berger was a famous Austrian Actor who worked in the showbiz industry for a long time. The late Actor was recognized for portraying narcissistic and sexually ambiguous characters. 

Some of Berger’s notable works can be seen in Le streghe (The Witches), Dynasty, The Godfather Part III, Ash Wednesday, The Devil’s Violinist, and Mia moglie รจ una strega.

Due to his amazing work in the film industry, Berger was able to take home many awards, including a special Teddy Award at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival in 2007.

Moreover, the whole industry is devasted by the death of Berger, and people are eager to know about his family life which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Helmut Berger Family: Meet His Parents

Helmut Berger was a family person, but he was private and lived a low-key life. The late Actor was born to his parents, Hedwig Steinberger and Franz Steinberger, in Bad Ischl, Austria, on May 29, 1944.

It is reported that Berger was raised in a family of hoteliers. Furthermore, Berger was born during World War II, and during that time, his dad was imprisoned in Russia. 

Berger was able to see his Father for the first time when Helmut was just three years old. It is said that Berger’s relationship with his dad was not close.

His dad wanted Helmut to learn a ‘real’ job, but he did not accept his decision to become an Actor. Apart from that, Berger had a good relationship with his mom.

Helmut Berger Family
Helmut Berger was a family person but used to live privately. ( Source: German Documentaries )

Despite all that, Berger received great support from his parents as they put him in an expensive school. Due to that, Berger also worked as a waiter for a short time to fulfill their parent’s dream to find a real job.

Later, Berger stole money from his mother and left Austria. After that, he also worked as a bar mixer in first-class hotels in Switzerland. Later, he moved to London and began his acting career.

Moreover, the Berger family faced a tragic moment in their life when their Father passed away in 1996. Not to mention, Berger lived in Rome for many years, but by the 2000s, he returned to Salzburg to take care of his elderly mother.

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Meet Helmut Berger Siblings

There are no records of Helmut Berger having siblings. So, it can be said that Helmut was the single child of his parents. Helmut never talked about his family members openly in the media.

Due to that, not much is known about his brothers or sisters. Apart from that, the late Actor had a good relationship with many people.

helmut berger siblings
Helmut Berger worked in the film industry with many people. ( Source: News in Germany )

He shared a strong bond, just like brothers and sisters, with many people. In the film industry, Helmut worked with many renowned figures, and many people thought that they were siblings.

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Helmut Berger Funeral Services

The world is mourning the death of Helmut Berger as he died on May 18, 2023. Following that, everyone has been asking questions about his funeral services.

helmut berger death
Helmut Berge died at the age of 78. ( Source: ABC News )

His agency, Helmet Werner Management, shared the tragic news revealing that Berger died today unexpectedly in his home city of Salzburg. 

At the time of this article, Berger’s funeral and memorial service details have not been shared with the media. It may be organized privately but has not been confirmed. 

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