Henry Ruggs Trial

Officials had placed Henry Ruggs trial dates several times, and many people searched for his punishment penalty, but their conclusion is yet to be heard since the court date has shifted to 2023.

Fully known as Henry James Ruggs III, he is a football wide receiver who plays as a free agent. Ruggs played at Alabama during college, where his team succeeded in the College Football Playoff National Championship in 2018.

Following his outstanding playing nature, he was selected by the Raiders in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2020. However, during the second season, he caused a car crash and was dismissed from the Raiders shortly.

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Henry Ruggs Accident Update: What Did He Do?

Henry Ruggs’s accident had been the major highlight among many, as the fatal accident killed a woman and her dog when he drove the car under the limit.

Henry Ruggs III could face up to 50 years in prison, if convicted of additional charges
Henry Ruggs III could face up to 50 years in prison if convicted of additional charges [Source- Touchdown Alabama]
This case was highly publicized as the carelessness of Henry resulted in the loss of life and the case is still on the talk among media outlets and social media users.

Some hours before the crash, Henry and his girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, were spotted drinking alcohol at a Topgolf in Las Vegas. As he was under alcohol, he was not in a sense.

He drove on his laboriously modified Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which he had named “Lizzy.” The Police reported that he was driving 156 miles per hour above the speed limit.

Similarly, when he saw a Toyota RAV4 approaching ahead, he lost control and struck the car leading to a massive accident. Following the incident, he was detained shortly.

Henry Ruggs Trial Update: He Is Still In Jail?

Henry Ruggs has been charged with drink and driving, influence resulting in death, and reckless driving. Shortly after the crash, he was detained by the authorities at the Clark County Detention Center.

He came to court the following day to face the conclusion, but Judge Joe M. Bonaventure set bail at 150,000 dollars so that he was released. After that, the other court dates were extended, so the conclusion is yet to be heard.

Different lawyers have claimed various aspects of the case, as Police did not take the blood test shortly after the accident. The records showed Ruggs had refused to take a field sobriety test.

After several hours, when doctors took his blood test, the blood alcohol content of 0.161 percent, additionally than twice the permitted limit in Nevada, was seen.

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Henry Ruggs III will continue to wait as his preliminary hearing has been pushed to February 2023
Henry Ruggs III will continue to wait as his preliminary hearing has been pushed to February 2023 [Source- MARCA]

Henry Ruggs Could Face Up Over 50 Years In Prison

Henry Ruggs is still on the verge of facing the accidental court date as his trial dates have been delayed six times, most recently on October 12 and now scheduled for February 1, 2023.

Similarly, after his preliminary hearing, it makes his future to be determined if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial. 

Henry’s lawyer mentioned that various inspections still needed to be done, so a judge shifted the preliminary hearing until May 19 on March 10, 2022. However, it will now be placed in 2023.

Moreover, if he is found guilty and convicted, he can face up to 3 to 26 years in prison and up to 10,000 dollars in monetary fines. With that, he may be titled to 2 to 20 years for the fatal DUI crash.

Besides that, 1–6 further years may be penalized for reckless driving causing death, with over 5,000 dollars.

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