Hilary Crowder

Hilary Crowder is a mother of two kids, Magnus and Charlotte. She Is well known being the wife of well-known face in the political world, Steven Crowder.

Hilary Crowder works as an interior decorator and a sales manager. She is regarded as Steven Crowder’s better half, though. When we look at Steven, we see that he has occasionally been a comedian, but his wife has been his support.

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Hilary also studied political science at Calvin College in Michigan, graduating in 2010.

She is a daughter of father Timothy Korzon And mother Sharon Korzon on 1st January 1987. In addition, she has an older sister named Shanna Anderson.

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Hilary Crowder Kids: Meet Magnus And Charlotte

Hilary Crowder and Steven Crowder, residing in Texas, are a couple who have built their lives together and have been blessed with two children.

Hilary Crowder kids
Hilary Crowder and Steven Crowder Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/417297-hilary-crowder-5-shoud-steven-crowders-wife.html (Source: Tuko News

In 2020, Hilary suffered a miscarriage. His wife gave birth to son and daughter twins Magnus and Charlotte into their family in August 2021.

The birth of Magnus and Charlotte undoubtedly brought immense joy and excitement to Hilary and Steven’s lives.

Being parents to twins can be a unique and rewarding experience, filled with double the love, laughter, and challenges.

As they navigate the journey of parenthood, Hilary and Steven likely devote themselves to providing a nurturing and loving environment for their children’s growth and development.

Hilary and Steven may have the opportunity to introduce their children to Texan traditions, explore outdoor activities, and create lasting memories in the Lone Star State.

While specific details about Hilary and Steven’s lives may not be widely available, it’s heartwarming to know that they have embarked on this journey of parenthood together, raising their twins and experiencing the joys and challenges that come with it.

Their love for their children and dedication to their family is undoubtedly a central focus in their lives, as they nurture their little ones and create a loving home in Texas.

Hilary Crowder Fight And Divorce Settlement With Her Husband Steven

Steven revealed the couple’s impending divorce on April 16, 2023, defying Hilary’s wishes to keep the details of their legal struggles private.

Crowder revealed in a video he made on YouTube on Tuesday (25 April 2023) that he has been going through a “horrendous divorce” since 2021.

After Steven broke the news on his podcast Louder With Crowder, his wife reacted by releasing the 2021 video that allegedly demonstrates her husband’s abusive tendencies.

Crowder made numerous references to his problems with Texas law throughout the movie, which allowed his wife to divorce him without his consent.

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder forbids his wife Hilary Crowder, who was eight months pregnant with the couple’s twins at the time, from using the car to go grocery shopping in newly released security footage from 2021 that has sparked uproar online.

In the video obtained by journalist Yashar Ali & posted to his Substack, Crowder is also heard telling her to ‘perform wifely duties’.

Hilary Crowder fight
Influencer Steven Crowder caught berating pregnant wife for not doing ‘wifely duties’. (Source: New York Post)

He has now issued an apology over the video and has vowed to release sealed mental health history

Crowder and his wife Hilary can be seen arguing violently in Ring video footage at their residence.

Crowder is also heard ordering her to “perform wifely duties” in the footage that journalist Yashar Ali got and posted to his Substack.

He has since apologized for the video and promised to make his previously-sealed mental health records public.

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