Hiromi Delon

Hiromi Delon Wikipedia: She is an assistant or companion of famous French actor Alain Delon. Let’s get to know more about her in this article.

Hiromi Delon is a woman of Japanese origin who came into media prominence after being linked to famous French actor Alain Delon. Hiromi has been considered Delon’s lady-in-waiting for a few months.

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Furthermore, the actor has also presented her several times as his companion. Hiromi has shared the actor’s life since his cardiovascular accident in 2019.

Also, she has been very present by Alain’s side throughout his recovery, which the actor assured in 2021 in a documentary broadcast on TV5 Monde.

Despite all these, Hiromi and Alain are again in the limelight as a case has been filed against Hiromi. Before knowing that, let’s explore more about Hiromi.

Hiromi Delon Wikipedia Biography

As stated earlier, Hiromi Delon is a woman from Japan who is said to be the lady in waiting of French actor Alain Delon. Not to mention, her real name is Hiromi Rolin, but people often note her as Hiromi Delon.

Furthermore, Hiromi came into the spotlight after being the companion of the actor. She has been the most important part of Alain as she has helped the actor to recover well.

Hiromi Delon Wikipedia
Hiromi Delon is famous for being the companion of Alain Delon for a long time. ( Source: La Depeche )

But their romantic relationship is nothing short of love at first sight. As revealed by one of the actor’s relatives in Here Paris, Alain and Hiromi have known each other for a long time.

For a long time, a simple friendship brought them together. As time passed, their feelings evolved, and Hiromi played an undeniable role in Alain’s recovery and his newfound serenity. 

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Hiromi Delon Age and Photo Revealed

Hiromi Delon age is reported to be 67 as of 2024. Hiromi was born in Japan and holds Japanese nationality.

There are no further details regarding Delon’s early life and family background, as none of the verified media sources have not given any facts yet.

Hiromi Delon Photo
Hiromi Delon is a woman of Japanese origin who was photographed with the actor Alain Delon. ( Source: Voici )

As said earlier, she just came into media prominence as the companion of the French actor. Apart from that, there are photos of Hiromi that can be found on the internet, which have been snapped with Alain.

In July 2021, people were able to see Hiromi’s face as her photo with Alain was clicked in the privacy of his Douchy estate. 

Hiromi Delon Harassment Case Explained

Hiromi Delon is in the limelight for her harassment case. Alain’s children Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien Delon have filed a complaint against Hiromi for moral harassment.

Their lawyer Me, Christophe Ayela, reported that he also suspected abuse of weakness, while Alain has been dramatically diminished for several years now.

The Delon family also accuses Hiromi of misappropriation of correspondence for having opened, deleted, delayed or hindered, according to them, letters addressed to the actor or posted by the actor to third parties.

Hiromi Delon Harassment Case
Alain’s children have filed a complaint against Hiromi for moral harassment. ( Source: A la une )

Alain’s son Anthony said his dad would have associated himself with the complaint. Apart from that, Hiromi was kicked out of Alain’s residence in Douchy, Loiret, at the end of June 2023.

Reportedly, Alain asked on June 27 to leave the place. In addition to that, Hiromi has shown herself over the months to be more and more aggressive, denigrating and abusive towards him and his kids.

Not only that, but Hiromi also systematically controls Alain’s telephone conversations and his private messages. Now, she may face a sentence of three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. 

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