Hosea Sanders Illness and Health Update

People in Chicago are sad after getting to know about Hosea Sanders Illness. Is The News Anchor Sick? Let’s investigate. 

Famous anchor Sanders rose to fame by hosting the news segment for ABC 7 Chicago. He joined the channel in 1994.

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Born on 12 July 1957, Sanders anchored the news segment on the evening show. Also, he won the Emmy Award for his unique broadcasting talent.  

A few sources claim that Journalist Hosea Sanders’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million. The known Journalist amassed his wealth through his successful news anchoring career. 

Now, shifting our attention back to the newscaster’s illness — Hosea Sanders is battling prostate Cancer, which was the reason for his short department from the show.

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Hosea Sanders Illness: Has The Journalist Diagnosed With Cancer?

Famous Chicago news anchor Hosea Sanders was diagnosed with prostate Cancer in early 2017.

Sanders has been battling prostate Cancer for quite a while now. However, the reporter returned to host his 4 pm newscast on ABC7.

Hosea Sanders illness
Newscaster Hosea Sanders’s illness. (Source: Daily Herald)

Despite his illness, Sanders bravely carried on his career as a reporter. 

Moreover, the longtime ABC7 television personality Hosea Sanders faced yet another health issue, but quite serious this time.

He had undergone surgery and faced difficulties in day-to-day tasks and motion. But the newscaster never lost hope and loves his hosting job.

Sanders revealed that he became a Cancer patient in early 2017 when he first learned about his illness.

Yes, he almost passed a half decade battling his illness. Fortunately, he had surgery in time. 

Sanders had surgery to remove his prostate. After the treatment, he returned to his anchoring career. 

The newscaster shared his challenges with Prostate Cancer after being diagnosed with his illness. He said: 

I will not lie, I was broken after my first diagnosis in 2017. I underwent surgery to remove my prostate. But I love my hosting job. 

Fortunately, Sanders received treatment in time, which didn’t further worsen the situation. His healthy attitude turned a boost to fight his illness. The known Journalist started living life, enjoying his career. 

Doctors say that prostate Cancer is among the most common form of Cancer. It occurs in the prostate. The prostate is a small gland present in males that secretes seminal fluid, nourishing sperm cells.

The fatal part of the disease is that it can be chronic and requires surgery. 

However, the ABC7 news anchor had prostate removal surgery and now returned to his regular work schedule

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Hosea Sanders Health Update

The 17-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast Journalist, Hosea Sanders, was diagnosed with prostate Cancer, a common form of Cancer, in 2017.

As mentioned earlier, Sanders underwent surgery to remove his prostate. Now, he is fine and returned to his anchoring career.

Hosea Sanders Health Update
Hosea Sanders’s Health Update. (Source: ABC7 Chicago)

Moreover, the newscaster revealed his battle with Cancer in September, Prostate Cancer Awareness month. 

Despite his illness, Sanders loved working hard and never left his job until his surgery.

His battle with Prostate Cancer was the reason for his temporary leave from the show. The news host first revealed the disease in 2017. 

Sanders now looks more healthy after having surgery. His solid mental strength was one of the reasons for his speeding recovery.

Hosea’s way of combating his illness could inspire many people worldwide. A perfect way to go, solid man! 

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