American Playwright Howard Ashman death

American Playwright Howard Ashman, 40, passed away on 14 March 1991. So, Why is Howard Ashman Death News circulating all over the Internet after so many years of his passing? 

Ashman was known for his masterful writing. He was a famous lyricist and director of his era. 

Let’s Say the American Playwright was a master of his work. 

Howard reflected his extraordinary works in several Walt Disney Animation Studios films. Some of his marvelous works in films include The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Little Shop of Horrors, and Beauty and the Beast. 

Also, the lyricist collaborated with composer Alan Menken to produce the best music. After he died in 1991, Sir Tim Rice was appointed to take his place for the latter film’s music.

Presenting an unknown fact about the American playwright — Howard Ashman never tied the knot. He had no children. However, Ashman had many relationships, including with Stuart White, his first partner.  

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Howard Ashman Death: How Did American Playwright Die?

American Playwright Howard Ashman died of AIDS on 14 March 1991 at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Ashman could barely speak and had even lost his vision. The man had a tragic ending. 

Howard Ashman death
Howard Ashman died of cardiac arrest caused by AIDS. (Source: Distractify)

Unfortunately, he passed from cardiac arrest caused by HIV AIDS in the early morning of 14 March, just two months before his Forty-one birthday. 

Ashman revealed his sickness to his fellow composer Alan Menken after winning big at the Academy Awards for The Little Mermaid. The playwright told Menken as soon as he reached his Fishkill, New York home.

Ashman was sick and tested HIV positive during his win at the 62nd Academy Awards. Jeffrey Katzenberg supported Ashman after coming out as an AIDS patient. 

Also, Katzenberg opened a production unit near his New York House so that Ashman could easily receive treatment in the city. 

Fortunately, Ashman survived to see his work in Beauty and the Beast. He was present at the early screening of the film.

Eventually, Howard’s health worsened daily, and he was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. 

As mentioned earlier, the man lost his sight and weight less than 80 pounds. 

Disney honored him by featuring a heartfelt condolence in the Beauty and the Beast’s end credit. 

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Howard Ashman’s Family 

American playwright Howard Ashman was born in 1950 in Maryland to Raymond Albert Ashman (Father) and Shirley Thelma (mother). Ashman grew up in a Jewish family.

His parents inducted him into the Children’s Theater Association (CTA), where he started his theater experiences.

He earned his Master’s degree in 1974. Shirley and Raymond’s son graduated from Indiana University. 

Howard’s Father, Raymond Albert Ashman, worked as an ice cream cone manufacturer.  

Interestingly, Ashman died a Bachelor as he was never married. Also, he fathered no kids. In a way, we can say that his family roots ended with his demise. 

Although he had no personal wife or children to grieve his loss, many fans and friends mourn his death. The legend is missed to this day. 

Net Worth Of Howard Ashman Before His Death

Sadly, there has yet to be a legit confirmation regarding American Playwright Howard Ashman’s net worth. But a few pages on Internet suggest his fortune to be around $1 to $5 million.

Ashman was wealthy before his death, as he had worked with big studios.

Howard Ashman net worth
Howard Ashman was rich as he worked with big-name studios. (Source: Vox)

Also, the playwright gained most of his wealth as the artistic director of the WPA Theater.

He was appointed as the theatre’s director post in 1982. However, the precise figure for Ashman’s salary as an artistic director has yet to be confirmed. 

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