Alfonso Dosal Padres

Who are the Huesera star Alfonso Dosal parents? Read on to discover the Mexican Actor’s harsh childhood reality and education.

Born Manuel Alfonso Castro Dosal, Alfonso Dosal is a talented Actor of Mexican nationality. He has garnered wider attention with his role in the movie “Huesera: The Bone Woman.”

Since making his debut in the acting industry with the 2004 movie Wooden Woman, the Mexican Actor has worked in several films and TV series.

Sin Hijos, Narcos: Mexico, Para Volver A Amar, The Color of Passion, and Marina are some of his notable works. Talking about his personal life, the Actor is a family man. Despite the demanding career, he creates space for his loved ones.

Today’s article concerns Alfonso Dosal’s personal life, including his parents, spouse, children, and origin.

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Alfonso Dosal Padres(Parents): Where Are They From? Family And Kids

The Huesera star Alfonso Dosal was born on 13 March 1985 in Mexico City, Mexico, to his parents, whose name has not been made public.

In the name Manuel Alfonso Castro Dosal, Castro is reported to be the first/paternal family name, and Dosal is the second and maternal family name.

Alfonso Dosal Padres
Alfonso Dosal’s parents live away from the media scrutiny. (Image Source: Popsugar)

Although he has been in the media limelight for nearly two decades, his parents’ names and identities are still a mystery. The Huesera: The Bone Woman star successfully kept his family members behind the curtain.

As for his marital life, the Actor is happily married to a model Solana Azulay. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and has been merrily together.

In addition, the Dosal-Azulay couple is the proud parents of two children – Mila and Galo.

Harsh Reality Of Alfonso Dosal’s Childhood

In 2020, Dosal confessed to the harsh education he got while growing up. He said it was his family secret that marked his life.

Taking to social media, the Mexico City native revealed that his machismo and discrimination had characterized every aspect of his life to the point where he suffered conflicts for this kind of education during his adolescence.

The 38-year-old revealed it following the wave of incidents caused in the United States America after the death of George Floyd.

While referring to the incidents, he said those events result from a culture passed down through the years.

He stated that it is time to work toward a more egalitarian society, apart from attacks against other groups, ethnicities, or creeds.

He wrote, “I grew up in a family where “la chacha” was the employee, the word “Prieto” is in my vocabulary. I certainly enjoyed privileges as a white man. The phrase “getting together with those without money is not the same” hasn’t always been used, our pet barked at my brown friends.”

Alfonso Dosal Padres
Alfonso Dosal with his wife, Solana Azulay. (Image Source: Flickr)

The Star further revealed how one of his aunts was disinherited for getting married to a “Chimalpopoca.” According to the 3 Idiotas Actor, his great-grandmother was the only person to treat people of color equally.

His parents would punish his sisters if they went out with brown men.

Alfonso Dosal Net Worth

Alfonso Dosal has been working in the film since 2004. During his long and remarkable career, the Actor must have amassed a considerable sum.

As reported by SalaryExpert, an Actor in Mexico earns $408,762 (Mexican dollar) as their annual average salary. Thus, Dosal must also make around that range.

We hope the Actor continues to enjoy more prosperity in the coming days.

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