Hurricane G Rapper

Rapper Hurricane G’s ***** shocked fans after Erick Sermon announced her passing on Instagram.

Hip-Hop has lost another MC in a week already marred by setbacks. Hurricane G, a former Def Squad and Hit Squad member, passed away on November 6, according to Erick Sermon. 

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The Brooklyn, New York MC, born Gloria Rodriguez, was featured on albums by Redman, Keith Murray, and Smif-n-Wessun, among others. 

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Hurricane G released two albums: All Woman from 1997 and Mami & Papi, featuring Thirstin Howl III. Though she was a Hit Squad member and collaborated with peers like Smif-N-Wessun and Tony Touch, she was still a favorite among the underground because of her assertiveness.

 How Did Hurricane G Rapper Die? ***** And Obituary

Hurricane G, also known as Hurricane Gloria, was a rapper. Erick Sermon of E.P.M.D., who shares a daughter named Gloria Rodriguez with the later rapper, announced her passing on social media on Sunday night (November 6).

The cause of ***** has not been revealed yet.

Hurricane G Rapper *****
Hurricane G Rapper passing revealed by Sermon. (Source: Instagram)

In a sad Instagram post, Sermon also honored Rodrguez as an MC who carried the torch as a woman and a role model for Hip-Hop with Puerto Rican heritage. Sermon also mentioned the family connection. Throughout her 25-year career, Hurricane G performed rap in English and Spanish.

The specifics of Hurricane G’s demise are still unknown to the general public. However, this tragic news was confirmed by her family. Her passing has devastated and saddened her family and the Hip Hop community.

Friends and family post memorials to her on social media as soon as they learn of her passing and express their condolences to her family.

Who Was Hurricane G?

Gloria Rodriguez, a rapper from the United States of America who went by the stage name Hurricane G, is of Puerto Rican descent.

Because of the music she released, she developed a sizable fan base in the United States. Gloria Rodriguez, who passed away in 2016, was better known by her on-stage monicker, employed throughout her entire career in the entertainment business.

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Hurricane G was active on mixtapes by Tony Touch, Mister Cee, and other artists, so his influence on label releases cannot be determined precisely.

She collaborated on the 2012 album Mami & Papi with fellow Brooklyn native Thirstin Howl da 3rd and appeared in Puff Daddy’s “Public Enemy 2000” single.

Hurricane G Career Details

In the middle of the 1990s, Hurricane G gained notoriety. Before working on Xzibit’s At The Speed Of Life, Organized Konfusion’s The Equinox, and Delinquent Habits’ self-titled LP, Gloria made an eye-catching appearance on the 1992 Redman hit “Tonight’s da Night.” They then appeared on Red’s Dare Iz A Darkside in 1994. 

Hurricane G signed a record deal with Capitol Records when E.P.M.D. was in disarray. The MC’s career suffered greatly due to the Hollywood, California-based imprint restructuring while she was on the roster.

Gloria’s debut album, All Woman, was released in 1997 on Jellybean Benitez’s H.O.L.A. Records label despite her connections to Erick Sermon and the Def Squad. The album featured the video single “Somebody Else,” production from fellow Brooklynite Domingo, and appearances by Das E.F.X. and other Hit Squad alumni.

Hurricane G Net Worth At The Time Of ***** 

Hurricane G’s net worth at the time of ***** was estimated to be $1 Million – $5 Million. She made most of her money as a popular American rapper.

When the Hit Squad was just starting, she was one of the first people to join and the first woman to sign up.

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By becoming the first woman to join the Hit Squad, she broke the glass ceiling and disproved the stereotypes that were common at the time.

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