Monterey Dance Studio shooting suspect Huu Can Tran, a 72-year-old person of Asian origin, has killed himself inside his car with a self-inflicted gunshot.

Tran was responsible for the shooting death of ten people and injuries to ten other in Monterey Park during the Lunar New Year celebration earlier this week.

He opened fire at Star Ballroom Dance Studio, a Chinese-owned studio, and allegedly fled, leaving several casualties and injuries.

Seventeen minutes later, a second incident was reported at Lai Lai Ballroom and Studion in Alhambra. 

Luckily, two people could snatch the firearm, described as an assault pistol with a high-capacity magazine attached, away from his hands.

No injuries were reported in the Alhambra incident as the perpetrator fled in a white Chevrolet Express cargo van.

It was later identified that the gunman in both incidents was the same person, identified later as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran.

Monterey Dance Studio Shooting Suspect Found Dead

Huu Can Tran, the Monterey Dance Studio shooting suspect, has allegedly committed suicide due to a self-inflicted gunshot inside a white van.

A man was found dead inside a white cargo van after a lengthy standoff with police in Torrance, California.

Monterey Dance Studio Shooting
Monterey Dance Studio shooting suspect was found dead inside the white cargo van surrounded by armored vehicles. (Source: CNN)

LA County Sheriff Robert Luna said during a news conference that the dead body of the person found inside the van was of the Monterey dance studio mass shooter.

Tran is suspected of being the perpetrator of the mass shooting of people celebrating the Lunar New year weekend in California’s large Asian-American community.

SWAT officers were in an hours-long standoff after they spotted a white cargo van that fit the descriptions of the Monterey Park shooting vehicle of interest.

The white van was blocked by three heavy armored authority vehicles to prevent the suspect to fled the scene.

As authorities ordered the person inside the van to get out, they heard a gunshot and believed the driver might have shot himself.

After searching inside the van, authorities discovered evidence linking the 72-year-old person to the Monterey Park shooting and the other incident in Alhambra.

A handgun was also retrieved from the vehicle, and the authorities are now looking for the motive behind the deadly shooting.

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Who Was Huu Can Tran? More About Monterey Shooter

The Monterey Dance studio shooter was identified as Huu Can Tran, a 72-year-old person who migrated from China to the United States.

Tran was a regular patron at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, where the deadly incident occurred.

He reportedly met his former wife at the Monterey-based dance studio, where he gave informal lessons. The couple reportedly divorced in 2005.

Police released the photo of the suspect in the Monterey Park shooting, who seems to be an elderly Asian person. (Source: BBC)

The gunman was a resident of a senior community in Hemet, California.

Authorities are yet to determine the motive of the massacre, and the Sheriff said it was too soon to assume that the killings were related to any hate crime.

No outstanding suspects are linked to the deadly shooting in the Asian-American community in Los Angeles. 

Among the ten dead, five were men, and five were women. Their identities have not been revealed yet, but they are described as likely in their 50s or 60s or older.

The injured were taken to the hospital, with their conditions from stable to critical, and seven are still hospitalized.

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