Huw Edwards

Huw Edwards teeth have dragged huge public attention due to the recent BBC scandal. Here’s what we know.

Huw Edwards is a notable Welsh journalist, presenter and newsreader who has been active in this field for a long time. He presents BBC News at Ten.

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In addition to that, Edwards also anchors BBC coverage of state and international events. He can sometimes be seen on BBC News at Six, BBC News at One, and Daily Politics.

Furthermore, Edwards is also known for presenting the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. From 2006 to 2020, he presented BBC News at Five, which was broadcast on BBC News.

Currently, Edwards has been a hot topic on the internet due to the BBC scandal. Besides that, another photo of him is going viral on social media.

Huw Edwards Teeth Before and After Photo

As said earlier, Huw Edwards teeth have raised many questions on the internet, and fans are asking for before and after photos. Many people think that Edwards may have done dental work to change his teeth.

However, the BBC presenter has never said anything about this matter. Despite all the rumors regarding his teeth, Edwards has not opened up about it with the media.

Huw Edwards Teeth
Huw Edwards has not done any procedure to his teeth. ( Source: The Mirror )

Due to that, it can be said that Edwards has not done anything to his teeth. Furthermore, his images can be explored on the internet, where we can see his smile with small teeth.

Comparably, Edwards’ teeth look a bit smaller than the average size. As people have been asking multiple questions, more information regarding this topic will be updated in the future.

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Huw Edwards Reddit and Twitter Update

Huw Edwards has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. As said earlier, his teeth left many people confused. Apart from his teeth news, people have been asking for other news which is related to the BBC scandal.

Many social media users have claimed that Edwards seems to be the suspended BBC presenter, but there is no truth about it. Reddit and Twitter users have been making claims about Edwards.

Huw Edwards Reddit
Huw Edwards scandal has dragged him into the controversy, but he has not said anything yet. ( Source: Yahoo )

A Twitter user posted a photo of a presenter named Reeta Chakrabarti and captioned the image, “The presenter, who is suspended, has not been named. Woman replacing Huw Edwards.”

This clearly showed that the user was trying to accuse Huw, who paid more than £35,000 over three years for explicit photos of a teenager. Meanwhile, many other Twitter users said the photo related to Reeta was completely disrespectful.

Huw Edwards Leaked Photo Goes Viral

Huw Edwards is not only linked with the BBC scandal, but other news has dragged him into the controversy. An alleged photo of Edwards showing his buttocks has gone viral on multiple social media handles.

A photo where Huw was seen showing his backside in front of cancer was leaked, and now it has been trending mainly on Twitter. With that, many unauthorized sources have shared fake news.

Huw Edwards Leaked Photo
Huw Edwards’ alleged leaked photo has gone viral on Twitter. ( Source: Coventry Telegraph )

It was created just to get likes and views on their posts. Apart from that, many believe the photo related to Edwards may have been edited and it was created just to defame his personality.

Despite the ongoing gossip regarding his image, Edwards has not said anything at the time of this post. 

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