Hyejeong Shin Death news

Hyejoeng Shin ***** news has been circulating on the Internet. Is the 30-year-old lady who enrolled at a New Jersey high school dead or alive?

You might have heard many stories of older people earning their high school certificates. Those stories have always inspired us. In addition, they proved that there is no age limit on education, and it is one’s right.

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However, it is only valid when you walk the path lawfully. A 29-year-old woman has recently been arrested for allegedly pretending to be a high school student.

The woman, Hyejeong Shin, has been charged with using a fake identification document to enter New Brunswick High School.

But Hyejeong Shin’s ***** news has been circulating on the Internet. Is she dead or alive? Let’s find it out in this short piece.

Hyejeong Shin ***** News: Is She Dead Or Alive

The ***** news of Hyejeong Shin is likely to be a fake and groundless rumor. It appears she is currently under custody as further investigation is going on.

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New Jersey Police arrested Hyejoeng Shin for enrolling at New Brunswick High School by allegedly submitting fake documents earlier this week.

Unfortunately, we could not find the source the origin of the rumor. Nonetheless, it is false, and Ms. Shin is alive.

Hyejeong Shin Arrest And Charge Detail

As stated above, New Jersey Police took Hyejeong Shin into custody in charge of using a fake identification document.

According to authorities, the 29-year-old woman was admitted to New Brunswick High School using a fake birth certificate. She also attended the school for four days before the staff discovered her age.

Hyejeong Shin ***** News
New Jersey Police officers arrested Hyejeong Shin earlier this week. (Image Source: Flickr)

Police are looking into the situation, and the district’s enrollment procedure will be examined. A board meeting on 24 January 2023 brought the case to light.

Superintendent of the New Brunswick Public School District Aubrey Johnson informed the staff. According to Mr. Johnson, the woman had been in a few classes and spent some time with guidance counselors.

As soon as Hyejeong’s false age was uncovered, the school notified Police, and he has since been arrested.

Students And Parents Still Feels Unease

Following the arrest, Ms. Shin was banned from entering the school area.

However, many parents and students of the organization still felt uneasy. One student said everybody was scared, and some people gave the lady their personal information.

Students protested at the school on Wednesday afternoon, claiming they didn’t feel safe.

According to state legislation, the Superintendent later released a statement that said a student could not be denied admission to a school due to a lack of documents.

Mr. Johnson further added there is a preliminary 30-day timeframe and officials discovered Ms. Shin during that time. A recent school board meeting also brought up a protocol review.

Similar Incidents Have Happened Before

Similar cases have happened many times before. Authorities have caught many adults posing as high school students.

As reported by BBC, in 1993, a guy named Brian MacKinnon, then 30 years old, pretended to be a fifth-year student at a high school close to Glasgow. He identified himself as a Canadian teenager aged 17.

MacKinnon continued to attend school for a full academic year. When he was a student at Dundee University’s medical school a year later, and a publication revealed his actual name, he was made public.

His story gained so much notoriety that it became the subject of a documentary in 2022.

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