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After popular American Idol season 21 contestant Iam Tongi moved on to Sunday’s finale by making it to the top 3; his fans want to learn about Iam Tongi health and illness.

American Idol is one singing reality show that probably needs no introduction to the world. 

In the show, there is always a specific panel of judges who evaluate each contestant’s performance and singing skills and provide guidance, while the general public also has the power to vote for their favorite contestant and uplift them.

Likewise, contestants from throughout the globe give their best to win a recording contract alongside the prestigious title of American Idol.

For those who don’t know, this show has also launched the careers of many celebrated artists, such as Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson.

American Idol is also back with its brand new season, 21 in the ABC show, which premiered on 19th Feb. The panel of judges includes Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

Similarly, today we will be talking about one prolific contestant of the show who just made it to the finals by reaching to Top 3, and he is William “Iam” Tongi from Hawaii. 

Iam Tongi has quickly captivated the hearts of many, and he is definitely a fan favorite. Many are rooting for him and want to see him win; hence through this article, get to know your favorite musical artist better.

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American Idol Iam Tongi Health And Illness Update: Is He Sick?

Fans began to cheer for Iam’s success and were rooting for him so that he could make it to the end of American Idol.

And now, when Iam Tongi is just a step closer to winning the coveted title of American Idol, fans are more interested and curious to know about his personal life and get to know him better.

To be specific, fans are searching for Iam Tongi’s health and illness update. Well, the American Idol contestant is completely healthy and fine as of writing this article and he is all set to win the show’s title.

Iam is not sick, and he has been performing for his fans all over the world. He recently made it to the top 3 in American Idol season 21st with his mesmerizing performance, and he continues to do so.

Iam Tongi Health
Iam Tongi is currently leading a healthy lifestyle and is focused on winning the title of American Idol season 21. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, the musical artist doesn’t seem to be diagnosed with any serious illness as he is actively present in the show. If he was seriously ill or sick, Iam Tongi’s team members and representatives would have informed the audience about it.

Iam holds a promising future ahead, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

A Look At Iam Tongi Personal Life

Iam Tongi and his entire family left Kahuku, a little town in O’ahu, Hawaii, due to the increasing cost of living there and moved to Seattle.

When asked by the panel judges why they would transfer from mesmerizing Hawaii to rainy Seattle, Iam said his entire family was “priced out of that paradise” and were compelled to shift somewhere more affordable.

Although he shifted from his hometown to Seattle, it didn’t affect Iam’s musical journey. He continued to practice music and pursue it from a young age.

Iam Tongi Health
Iam Tongi’s musical journey has been nothing but inspirational. (Source: Instagram)

However, he has faced many ups and downs during his journey, and one of his lowest points will have to be losing his dad, Rodney, at the age of 18.

Although Iam’s dad is no longer present with him, the singer shared that his memories keep inspiring him to move ahead.

Iam also regularly talks about how his father Rodney encourages him to keep chasing his ambition and goals while the world congratulates him on making it thus far in his musical career.

Despite having experienced sorrow throughout his life, Iam’s connection to his deceased father keeps him motivated as he rises to the top of the competition.

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