Ian Book Brother

Get to know about professional football player Ian Book brother through his article. Nick Book and Ian Book are the two children of Rick and Kim Book. 

Ian started his professional career in 2021 and was drafted New Orleans Saints in the fourth round. Then, on August 2022, he was sifted to the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. 

Before 2021, he played college football at Notre Dame; he took a redshirt at Notre Dame in 2016 and finished as a redshirt senior in 2020. 

People have often known about Ian but are curious to learn about his personal information and football career; let’s talk about his family in this article today. 

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Who Is Ian Book Brother Nick Book?

Ian Book has an older brother he grew up with, Nick Book, also known as Nolan Book. The gap between the two siblings has yet to be mentioned publicly, but they look alike in their pictures. 

Along with Ian’s parents, his older brother is also very supportive of his career, and he often is present at this game to support him. 

Nick Book works as a law enforcement, like his Father. Nick graduated from University of California, Davis, in 2018. 

Ian Book, his brother Nick and Parents together.
Ian Book, his brother Nick and his Parents together. (Image Source: SARKARI LIBRARY)

Ian is currently 24, which means his other brother might be in his late 20s. He often shares pictures with Nick; they seem to share a great bond. 

You can find many pictures of Ian and Nick together, and also along with their parents. Nick is a proud elder brother who is well-known as the brother of a famous football player from America. 

Meet His Parents Rick And Kim- Family Tree

Ian was born to Rick Book and Kim Book on March 30, 1998, in El Dorado Hills, California, U.S. People have often been curious to learn about his parents, as he has not mentioned detailed information about them. 

Rick and Kim Book was high school sweetheart; they got married after being in a relationship for a long time. 

He was born into a well-settled family. His mother, Kim, is a registered nurse, whereas his Father is a former law enforcement officer. 

Ian’s parents have supported his career since he became interested in football. He was always very clear about his career choice. 

The professional football player Ian was the Thrid-Time-All-ACC award winner in 2020. His parents are very proud of him; they are always known in public as the parents of Ian Book. 

Ian has always mentioned that his family, Father, mother, and brother, have been his most effective support system throughout his journey. 

Ian Book Wife And Kids 

Ian has not been married or engaged yet, but he has been in an open relationship with Kendall Moore since 2018; they annouched their second year of togetherness on Instagram in 2020. 

The couple has been living together. They do not share any children now and are not expecting any time soon. 

Ian Book and Kendall Moore, the Most Photogenic Couple in the NFL.
Ian Book and Kendall Moore, the Most Photogenic Couple in the NFL. (Image Source: Glamour)

Ian and Kendall seem to share a perfect relationship; they often share pictures of themselves on Instagram. Kendall is very supportive of his career, and she is usually present on his game day. 

The pair has been together for more than four years, but they have not been engaged or married, yet hopefully, they will get married soon. 

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