Ian Harrison Age

Ian Harrison is an American singer and a contestant on NBC’s The Voice: Season 22.

Viewers and judges were quickly impressed by his soulful voice while performing Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met” for the blind auditions.

What is The Voice Contestant Ian Harrison age? The talented singer is still very young and just 20 years of age. Although Harrison is younger than the other contestants, he still has a good chance of winning the show under Gwen Stefani’s mentorship.

Coach Blake Shelton turned his chair within a minute of Ian’s performance, while Gwen Stefani and John Legend pressed the buzzer a few seconds later.

Ian described his genre as “alternative indie” on the show.

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Voice Contestant Ian Harrison Age: How Old Is He?

Ian Harrison was born in Columbus, Ohio, on December 31, 20. The singer is 20 years old as of 2022 and will turn 21 coming December.

Ian Harrison Age
Ian Harrison performing “The Night We Met” at The Voice: Blind auditions. Source: Seat42F

The 20-year-old started singing at a young age but has minimal experience performing on a live stage. Therefore, judge Gwen Stefani thinks she can help Ian hone his craft and help him be confident.

Harrison graduated high school in 2020 from Olentangy Berlin High School. Currently, he is an undergraduate at Columbus State University.

He works at a nearby bar on the weekends as a side hustle. The Columbus State student finds time for music in between classes and work.

Ian started singing in the middle school choir and his community church. During senior year, the singer landed the lead role of Prince Charming in his high school musical  “Cinderella.”

The Voice contestant is Christian and wore a crucifix necklace during the season’s premiere.

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Ian Harrison’s Emotional Connection To His Father Through Music

Ian Harrison had to, unfortunately, experience a lot of pain and heartbreak at a young age. When the singer was nine years old, his biological Father took his own life.

Ian was pretty hurt and devastated by this news. Harrison received his Father’s guitar with some notes after his death. He took this as inspiration and started singing. The 20-year-old mentioned that his Father was trying to write a song.

On the show, Ian remembered his Father through the song “The Night We Met.” The emotions with which he sang were so powerful that audiences and judges could feel that he was singing from his heart.

The vocalist said he related to the song as he is starting to feel like all his memories with his Father are slowly fading away.

Ian had a tradition of getting breakfast with his Father on a motorcycle before his siblings woke up.

Ian harrison family
Ian Harrison with his siblings at his sister’s wedding. Source: Facebook

A year after his Father passed away, the young contestant was adopted by his mother’s new husband, Scott Poehler. His mother, Kristy Riley Poehler, and his adoptive Father were cheering Harrison during Blind auditions from backstage.

Kristy Riley Poehler, Ian’s mother, works at Olentangy Berlin High School, the singer’s alma mater. The Voice contestant appreciates his stepfather for always being warm and loving towards him.

The alternative indie artist comes from a family of 9, including himself. In addition to full siblings, he has step-siblings from his adoptive Father.

The Voice Singer Is In A Happy Relationship With Madeline Scherer

Ian Harrison has been in a long-term and committed relationship with Madeline Schrerer for over a year. They celebrated their one anniversary on December 27 this year.

Ian Harrison Age
Ian Harrison with his long-time girlfriend, Maddie. Source: Instagram

Madeline Schrerer, nicknamed Maddie, is also a University student at Ohio State University. From her Instagram page, it is evident that she is extremely fond of dogs.

The couple spends their time together hiking, watching matches, going to the beach, and traveling with friends. Recently, they made a quick trip to Destin, Florida, with a group of friends.

Although the 20-year-old eventually picked Gwen Stefani as his mentor, he shared a brief moment with fellow Ohioan John Legend. After his performance, Legend said aloud Ohio’s famous call-out “O-H,” to which Ian responded with “I-O.”

You can catch more of the young singer on NBC’s “The Voice: Season 22” every Monday at 8 pm. ET.

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