Idaho Alyssa Jones Missing

Idaho Alyssa Jones missing case has garnered considerable media and public attention. Alyssa was reported missing in May this year. What happened to her? Is she found?

It has been months since the 14-year-old Alyssa Jones was last seen. But the authorities and her family have not been able to locate her.

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She was reported as a runaway child on 21 May 2023 in Baise, Idaho. Let’s take a detailed look at her case, including recent updates.

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Idaho Alyssa Jones Missing Update: Is She Found Yet?

Alyssa Jones was reported as a runaway on 21 May 2023.

According to her mother, Joanna Rilang, she was last seen on 20 May night, when she returned after finishing her commercial cleaning job at Automated Maintenance Services.

Idaho Alyssa Jones Missing
14-year-old Alyssa Jones was last seen on 20 May night in her house. (Image Source: Idaho News)

Alyssa’s mother revealed that when she lay down in her bed for the night, the 14-year-old came onto her room and kissed her while saying she loved her.

But Alyssa Jones was gone the following day when her family woke up. Juliette, 2 feet long reptile, was also gone from her terrarium.

The following morning, around 11 am, the family woke with plans to travel to Lucky Peak Reservoir to gather rocks for the cages of their three pet bearded dragons, Juliette, Juliette II, and Spike.

Alyssa wasn’t in her room when Mercedes, Alyssa’s youngest sister, tried to wake her up. The biggest reptile, Juliette, who Rilang claimed to be 2 feet long, was no longer in her habitat.

To find out if her daughter was dropping by, Rilang reportedly knocked on neighbors’ doors and gave out her phone number to everyone she believed Alyssa might be hanging out with.

However, the teenage girl was nowhere to be found. One of her friends informed Rilang that Alyssa had mentioned running away.

Alyssa Jones Mother, Joanna Rilang, Enlisted National Help

Alyssa Jones’s mother and family are waiting for her to return home. While police search for the missing teen, her mother has been doing everything possible to locate her.

The worried mother has been distributing flyers, looking for leads on social media, and working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Idaho Alyssa Jones Missing
Alyssa Jones’ mother, Joanna Rilang, has been doing everything to locate her. (Image Source: Idaho Statesman)

NCMEC is a nonprofit organization with offices throughout Virginia that assists families and law enforcement in the search for missing children.

But Joanna Rilang can’t seem to find the solutions. Since Alyssa vanished, Rilang claimed she has been fielding suspicious messages from individuals claiming to know Alyssa’s whereabouts that Jones is prepared to return home.

Rilang stated that she intends to pack her possessions onto a trailer on Saturday, break her lease in Boise, and proceed on her own to follow Alyssa’s path.

Rilang stated, “I’m just a mother looking for my child. Simply put, “I just want to know if she’s OK.”

Jones’ mother said she wants to hug her daughter and say to her tha she loves her.

Who Is Alyssa Jones?

Alyssa Jones is a 14-year-old girl who has been missing since May this year. She has brown hair and brown eyes, is 5’5″ tall, and weighs around 125 lbs.

Her mom described Alyssa as a child who lit up a room. The doting mother also said her missing daughter has a heart of gold.

According to Joanna, the teenager is outdoorsy, good at sketching, and can sketch about anything. Alyssa has five siblings, including Madison, Xaden, and Mercedes.

The missing girl’s mother also revealed that she has schizophrenia and depression, which worsened following the incarceration of her stepfather last year.

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