Iit Bhu Rape

Iit Bhu Girl Viral Video has caught everyone’s attention. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about the gang rape case update.

The gang rape case of Iit Bhu girl has created a buzz online. It has been reported that the girl was sexually assaulted by a group of three men when she went out of her hostel.

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The incident took place inside the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University).

The cruel incident happened on November 2, 2023, when Iit Bhu left her hostel around 1.30 am and met a male friend. They went for a walk.

After some time, a group of three men came on a motorcycle and they separated the lady and her male friend. The girl was taken to the corner and the three men assaulted her.

There is a new update in this gang-rape case but before that let’s explore everything related to her viral video.

Iit Bhu Girl Viral Video Is Trending Online

Iit Bhu’s Rape incident is making rounds on the internet sources after online users began asking questions regarding her viral video.

As said earlier, the lady was gang raped by three men.

The men even took photos and videos of the female student taking her clothes off. After the news was posted on social media, netizens were left our heart broke.

Iit Bhu Girl Viral Video
Iit Bhu girl viral video has been searched by many people as three men even took her videos and photos. (Source: The Mooknayak English)

In the same way, people also started searching for the video of the girl. However, the video has not been posted yet the whole clips and images may be in the control of police.

Nothing can be confirmed regarding her viral clip but more updates will be given in the future.

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Iit Bhu Girl Scandal And Name Explored

Iit Bhu girl scandal has created a buzz online as she was reportedly raped. Following the announcement, many people have gotten curious about her name.

At the time of this post, none of the verified media sources have given the facts regarding this matter. It appears that the news was not made public due to privacy reasons.

Iit Bhu Girl Scandal
Iit Bhu female student is making headlines after she was raped by three men in November 2023. (Source: Hindustan Times)

Besides that, the lady was allegedly gang-raped inside the IIT-BHU campus. As said earlier, the lady was taken to a corner and three men assaulted her taking her clothes off.

According to a report, the group let go of the girl after 15 minutes. A complaint was filed against those and there is a new update in this case which has been shared here.

Iit Bhu Girl Gang Rape Case Update

Iit Bhu girl who was raped filed a complaint and an FIR was registered under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code and under provisions of the Information Technology Act at Lanka police station.

Subsequently, the charge of gang rape was added to the FIR, police reported.

Two months after the case was filed, a new update has been shared saying that three men have been arrested.

Iit Bhu Girl Gang Rape Case
Iit Bhu girl was gang-raped by three men who are reportedly the members of ruling party BJP. (Source: OpIndia)

The arrested people have been identified as Kunal Pandey, Abhishek Chauhan, and Saksham Patel. According to a report, they are also linked to BJP.

Though the arrest came after two months of the incident, the mass broke out on social media and on roads outside the institute.

They triggered the political party of the saying that those three men were indirectly being shielded by the BJP party as they were linked with them. 

This has created a buzz online and everyone is criticizing the party. Furthermore, the photos of the arrested people have been shared heavily on various social media platforms including Twitter. 

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