Jamaluddin Jarjis Son

After he died in 2015, there has arisen contemporary curiosity about whether Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin, Jamaluddin Jarjis son, met the same fate.

Ikhwan’s father, Jamaluddin Jarjis, held various significant governmental roles.

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Born in 1949 and passing away in 2015, he was a notable figure in Malaysian politics and affiliated with the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

From 2009 to 2012, he represented Malaysia as its ambassador to the United States, engaging in diplomatic efforts to fortify bilateral ties.

Additionally, he assumed the position of Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation within the Malaysian administration.

This role encompassed the oversight of policies about scientific research, technology advancement, and innovation undertakings in the nation.

Tragically, Jamaluddin Jarjis passed away in a helicopter crash on April 4, 2015.

The crash occurred in Semenyih, Malaysia, and tragically resulted in the deaths of Jamaluddin Jarjis and five other individuals who were on board the helicopter.

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Who Is Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin, Jamaluddin Jarjis Son?

Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin is known as the son of Jamaluddin Jarjis, a Malaysian politician who held various important positions in the government.

Concerns for him arose recently when news broke about a plane crash near Elmina resulting in the tragic ***** of 10 individuals.

Given that some news sources linked the incident to Jamaluddin, apprehensions grew regarding whether Ikhwan faced a fate similar to his father’s.

Jamaluddin Jarjis Son
Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin is the son of the late Malaysian politician Jamaluddin Jarjis (Source: FMT)

However, it’s important to note that Ikhwan is safe and alive, and presently, he’s in the spotlight due to a family dispute concerning companies.

The conflict involves the TDK group linked to the late Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis and centres on conflicting claims about its management.

While Jamaluddin Jarjis was a Member of Parliament (MP) in Malaysia, he was also involved In business ventures while he was alive.

He had investments in various sectors, including telecommunications and media.

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More On Jamaluddin Jarjis Son: His Wife And Kids

Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis’ son, Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin, reportedly has a family, including a wife and children.

However, he has not publicly disclosed any details about his family. An article mentioned Ikhwan’s mother discussing her grandchildren.

It’s also possible that Ikhwan’s mother was referring to her daughter, Nur Anis Jamaluddin, as there is another child of Jamaluddin.

For a considerable period, both Ikhwan and his sister were in the news due to their attempt to dismiss a lawsuit filed by their grandmother, Aminah Abdullah.

The lawsuit involved allegations of fraud against them and four others.

Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin, who is also the managing director of Nur Power, argued that their grandmother is not capable of managing their father’s estate.

Jamaluddin Jarjis Son
Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin has not disclosed any details about his wife and kids (Source: KLSE Screening)

He claimed that their father’s half-brother, Najeb Ali, is using their grandmother to launch a proxy battle in his defence against the lawsuit.

According to theedgemarkets.com, Ikhwan argued grandmother was unsuitable due to age, illiteracy, and English incapacity for estate management.

In the current dispute, Jamaluddin’s half-brother, Mohamad Najeb Ali, confirmed Jamaluddin’s active oversight of TDK-related companies in his lifetime.

This indicates that Jamaluddin was actively engaged in the management of these businesses.

In the session, lawyer Chew Chang Min, representing Jamaluddin’s children Nur Anis Jamaluddin and Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin, offered a different view.

The lawyer proposed that the TDK companies were administered by their respective board members, not solely by Jamaluddin.

The lawyer specified companies like Alpine Motion Sdn Bhd, Rantai Wawasan Sdn Bhd, and Ivory Insights Sdn Bhd, naming their directors.

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