Illinois Man Roy Hoffman

Illinois man Roy Hoffman was found dead, as Azmi Ibrahmin Jr and Kathryn A. Deason murdered him. 

Two people from Illinois are charged with killing a 77-year-old man who was meeting a woman to trade money for sex, according to the police.

Before 9:30 pm CST on Monday, Fox Lake resident Roy Hoffman was discovered dead at his residence, according to WLS-TV. According to the news station, the Lake County coroner identified him.

According to WFLD-TV, Asmi Ibrahim Jr., 37, of Round Lake, has been charged with first-degree murder and obstructing justice. According to the television station, Kathryn A. Deason, 31, of Round Lake, was charged with obstructing justice.

Hoffman had agreed to meet Deason for a “romantic” rendezvous in exchange for money, according to Christopher Covelli, a spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, according to the Daily Herald of Arlington Heights.

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According to the newspaper, authorities claim that Ibrahim drove Deason to Hoffman’s apartment and stayed in his minivan as the woman entered.

Ibrahim returned to his minivan and collected a gun after stepping outside to find out which apartment Deason had entered, the Daily Herald reported.

Illinois Man Roy Hoffman Death

Ibrahim entered Hoffman’s residence, after a dispute, according to the police, WFLD said. Ibrahim allegedly shot Hoffman during the argument, killing him, according to the news station.

Illinois Man Roy Hoffman
Illinois Man Roy Hoffman House Where He Was Murdered By Two People (Source: ABC7)

When Asmi knocked on the door, Covelli told reporters, “at first, we believe the victim indicated that Kathryn was not inside with him.”

Later, after getting a rifle from the minivan he had arrived in, the shooter entered the house, went upstairs, and shot the 77-year-old.

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Investigators are still investigating the incident to see if it involved a robbery attempt, a money theft attempt, or a failure to deliver the agreed-upon goods in favor of keeping the money, according to Covelli.

Azmi Ibrahim Jr And Kathryn A. Deason Arrested For Shooting

Asmi Ibrihim Jr., 37, is accused by the prosecution of first-degree murder and obstructing justice. Concerning the fatal shooting, Kathryn A. Deason, 31, is also charged with obstructing justice.

However, they claim that the shooting took place just a short while after the two suspects arrived in a minivan and Ibrihim proceeded in search of Deason. Investigators are still attempting to determine what motivated the crime.

According to Lt. Christopher Covelli, a Lake County Major Crimes Task Force spokesman, when Asmi knocked on the door, the victim told him that Kathryn wasn’t inside with him.

Later, after getting a rifle from the minivan he had arrived in, the shooter entered the house, went upstairs, and shot the 77-year-old.

Both were taken into custody at Ibrihim’s Round Lake residence, where police claimed to have seen the getaway car.

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Police are requesting the public’s assistance even though the two suspects detained for the crime could appear in bond court as soon as Tuesday. 

According to online booking records, Deason’s bond was $1 million, while Ibrahim’s was $5 million.

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