Dylan Dreyer expecting

Many media outlets have reported the news, which suggests that Dylan Dreyer expecting a baby.

Ever since the rumors of her pregnancy came out, people have wanted to know when Dylan Dreyer expecting a baby.

Dylan Marie Dreyer was born on August 2, 1981, and is a well-known American television meteorologist working for N.B.C. News. Along with her meteorological duties, she is also one of the anchors of Today’s 3rd Hour.

Dreyer is a regular face on Today’s show during weekdays, providing weather updates and occasionally filling in for Al Roker and Carson Daly.

In addition to her work on Today, Dreyer can also be seen on The Weather Channel and N.B.C. Nightly News.

Her experience in journalism dates back to September 2012 when she joined N.B.C. News, but before that, she had worked at N.B.C. station WHDH located in Boston, Massachusetts, starting from 2007.

Overall, Dylan Marie Dreyer’s proficiency in meteorology and her experience as a news anchor has made her a highly respected figure in the industry.

Her extensive work on television has allowed her to gain recognition and respect from her colleagues and viewers alike.

Is Dylan Dreyer Expecting? Pregnant In 2023?

People want to know whether Dylan Dreyer expecting a child in 2023.

Ever since the rumors of her pregnancy, people had wanted to know when Dylan Dreyer expecting a kid.

Dylan Dreyer, one of the hosts of the popular morning show “Today,” and her husband Brian Fichera, had exciting news to share in 2021 – they welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Russell James Fichera. Her colleagues revealed this during Wednesday’s show as they congratulated Dreyer on her new arrival.

But after having the third child, she repeatedly said she was not ready to have any more children. 

The rumors that suggest the Journalist is expecting are invalid, and there has been no proof to back them up. 

Before this, Dreyer had taken to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo of herself in a hospital gown, revealing to her followers that she would be taking some time off from hosting the “3rd Hour of Today” after her water broke over the weekend.

Dylan Dreyer
Dylan Dreyer is already a mother to three children. (Source: Us Weekly)

This unexpected news came as a surprise to her fans, who had been anticipating the arrival of her third child, as she had announced her pregnancy in May during an episode of “Today,” stating that she was due in November.

Dreyer’s third baby boy joins his older brothers, Calvin and Oliver, and this is an extraordinary moment for the family, as they suffered a miscarriage in 2019. Despite the setback, Dreyer and her husband remained positive and hopeful, and they are now delighted to welcome a new addition to their family.

Dylan Dreyer’s announcement about the birth of her third child is an exciting moment for her and her family. Her colleagues and fans have shared their joy and congratulations on this new addition to her family.

Dylan Dreyer Husband Brian Fichera And Family

Brian Fichera is a well-known writer and producer who has been married to Dylan Dreyer, a renowned American television meteorologist, and anchor, since 2012.

The couple first met while working the early morning shift at the WHDH television station in Boston, as reported by Good Housekeeping.

dylan dreyer today husband lastest photos leave fans all saying same thing t
Dylan Dreyer with her husband during an event. (Source: Hello Magazine)

After getting married, the couple was blessed with two children, and in September 2021, they welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Russell James Fichera.

Dylan Dreyer announced the news of her pregnancy during the “Today” show on May 11, 2021. She revealed they were expecting a baby boy and shared a heartwarming video of herself and her four-year-old son, Calvin, making cinnamon “buns in the oven” while cradling her belly.

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