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Inquisitor Ghost DID news has gone viral on the internet after the news of his demise was shared. Find out more about the Italian cosplayer.

Inquisitor Ghost was an Italian cosplayer who was famous for cosplaying Ghost from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game series.

He reportedly tragically ended his life on a TikTok livestream following allegations of inappropriate messages to his 17-year-old former editor.

This sad incident has brought sorrow to the community and sparked demands for justice as doubts arise about the allegations.

With the news, many people have been asking various questions related to Ghost’s personal matters, and some are saying that he had DID. Let’s find out everything in this writing.

Inquisitor Ghost DID: Did Streamer Have Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Inquisitor Ghost DID news is trending on the internet as everyone on social media is speculating that the cosplayer dealt with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Not to mention, Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is a mental health condition where a person’s identity is fragmented into two or more distinct personalities. 

However, there is no fact news of Ghost having DID. At the time of this post, there is no info on the cosplayer dealing with this matter.

Inquisitor Ghost DID
Inquisitor Ghost has no records of having Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) but the news is trending on the web. ( Source: Dexerto )

In the same way, the verified media outlets have not shared anything related to Ghost’s health matter. Currently, the cosplayer is making headlines on the web after his death news went viral.

Due to his death news, many people are sharing their words with the cosplayer, and netizens are also asking many questions about him.

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Details On Inquisitor Ghost Illness And Health

Just like Inquisitor Ghost DID news, another topic related to his illness has dragged everyone’s eyes. However, there is no fact news about Ghost having dealt with any health issues.

The topic of Ghost’s illness came into the limelight after a video related to his death went viral on various social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitter.

Inquisitor Ghost Illness
Inquisitor Ghost did not have an illness, but the rumors came after his death news went viral. ( Source: YouTube )

At the time of this post, nothing has been confirmed related to his death, but many sources on the internet have already claimed that Ghost has passed away after a suicide.

Furthermore, Ghost was active on TikTok, but in his videos, he never said anything related to his health, making it clear that everything was fine.

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All About Inquisitor Ghost Petition

A petition has been started after the news of Inquisitor Ghost’s death was shared. It was started by Inquisitor SKIN – Chonkicat, and more than 13k people have already signed the petition.

The petition was started to a skin of Ghost into Call of Duty. Inquisitor consistently shared one wish in his videos: to have a character skin in Call of Duty. He went as far as tagging them in his posts.

Inquisitor Ghost Petition
Inquisitor Ghost’s petition has already been started, and many people have signed it. ( Source: TikTok )

So, due to that reason, the petition was started to fulfill the dream of Ghost. One character that caught his attention was Simon Ghost Riley from Call of Duty, and he liked to blend it with Star Wars elements.

More information related to the petition can be explored by visiting

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