Shervin Hajipour Jail

An Iranian authority detained a singer two days after releasing a song. Why was the Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour jailed?

Shervin Hajipour is an Iranian singer, songwriter and producer. The Babol native began sharing covers on social media in late 2018. He auditioned for New Era in March 2019 with his song “Maybe Paradise,”

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The musician released his debut single across all platforms and became well-known among the younger generation in Iran.

He garnered wider recognition after the publication of his music “Baraye.” The song has been addressed as “the anthem” of the Mahsa Amini protest.

In addition, the musician was arrested two days after releasing Baraya last year. Is he still in jail? Why was the singer arrested? Follow us till the end to learn more.

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Was Iranian Singer Shervin Hajipour Jailed? Arrest And Charge Details

On 29 September 2022, the Iranian Police arrested Shervin Hajipour. He was accused of “propaganda against the system” and “instigating violent behavior” with his song Baraye. He was released on bail on 4 October.

Shervin Hajipour Jail
Before being released on bond and banned from leaving the country, Shervin Hajipour was briefly imprisoned. (Image Source: RFERL)

He composed the song over the ***** of a 22-year-old woman in Police custody. There was a Masha Amini protest at that time. The song, based on an outpouring of public anger over the ***** of a girl, became the anthem of the protest.

Baraye – which means “because of” – amassed over 40 million views in less than 48 hours, which was later deleted from Instagram.

The Grammys’ newest particular award category, which recognizes a song dedicated to social change, was also overflowing with submissions at the time.

Baraye: A Song Based On Masha Amini *****

Iran’s morality Police reportedly took Masha Amini under custody for allegedly wearing a head scarf improperly (violating Iran’s mandatory hijab law) on 16 September 2022. She died three days later.

According to Police, Amini died after falling ill and slipping into a coma. However, several eyewitnesses claimed that she was beaten severely.

Authorities increased the warnings to prominent personalities and celebrities who supported the protest and decried the government crackdown.

Iranian leaders also blamed foreign nations for fanning the protests, with the head of the judiciary, Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei, accusing local celebrities of siding with the “enemy.”

Several Iranian celebrities, including soccer star Ali Daei, were interrogated and had their passports confiscated by the authorities after showing support for anti-government protests sweeping the country.

Shervin Hajipour Song “Baraye” Wins Grammy

On behalf of Shervin Hajipour, first lady Jill Biden accepted the Grammy for most excellent song for social change for “Baraye” at the 65th Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 2023, in Los Angeles.

Shervin Hajipour Jail
First lady Jill Biden accepted the Grammy Award on behalf of Shervin Hajipour. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Shervin Hajipour was stunned to hear Jill Biden announce he had won the Grammy Award. After the announcement, Hajipour could be seen in an online video wiping tears away.

Although he was released from jail on bail, the singer is banned from leaving Iran. He could get six years in prison for the charges.

At the Grammy ceremony, Jill Biden said a song “can inspire, unite, and ultimately change the world.” She added, “despite Shervin’s arrest, the song continues to resonate with its powerful theme: “Women, Life and Freedom.”

While the crowd cheered Biden’s words, the Iranian singer simply wrote, “we won.”

On the other hand, the win of Hajipour received no immediate response from the Iranian government or state media.

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