Ireland Baldwin Pregnant

Is Ireland Baldwin Pregnant? Baldwin has been seen sharing pictures of her baby bump on Instagram. 

Baldwin is an American model and Actress who has walked the runway for fashion designers like Sherri Hill and Son Jung Wan. 

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The model has been on the cover of magazines like Elle, Vanity Fair, and W Magazine. 

Along with being a full-time model, she has been in acting as well; people know her from movies like “Grudge Match” and TV shows like “Outpost.”

She was born to Actor Alec Baldwin and Actress Kim Basinger, so she followed in her parent’s footsteps and has been well-known for her roles. 

However, people have known the model professionally and have always taken an interest in learning about her personal life. 

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Is Ireland Baldwin Pregnant? Baby Bump In Nude Selfie

Yes, the model is six months pregnant; she officially shared about her pregnancy a month or two ago. 

It seems like she loves her baby bump; she has posted a nude mirror selfie showing a baby bump, covering her hair with a towel and her breast with one hand. 

Baldwin has captioned the pictures, “bb on board.” In addition to sharing a nude photo recently, she posted several other images showing her baby bump.

"bb on board," the expectant mother captioned the image.
“bb on board,” the pregnant mother captioned the image. (Image Source: Instagram)

The pictures garnered reactions from many people, including Hailey Bieber, who left a brief yet expressive comment saying, “Ahhhh.”

Rumer Willis, also pregnant, called her a “gorgeous queen.” Many fans and followers also shared positive comments about her through the picture. 

Baldwin has already revealed that she is expecting a baby girl and is eagerly looking forward to holding her in her arms.

From her appearance, Baldwin seems to be in good health and appears to have been enjoying her pregnancy journey.

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Who is Ireland Baldwin Boyfriend, André Allen Anjos?

Baldwin is in a relationship with the musician Andre Allen, best known as RAC. The musician is originally from Coimbra, Portugal. 

For numerous musical artists, he has produced over 200 remixes in various music genres, including rock, electronica, and dance.

RAC has also performed at many music festivals, including Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Bumbershoot, Corona Capital music festival, and Lollapalooza.

Anjos created the Remix Artist Collective (RAC) by bringing together fellow online remixers Aaron Jasinski and Chris Angelovski.

Ireland Baldwin Is Expecting First Baby with Boyfriend RAC.
Ireland Baldwin Is Expecting First Baby with Boyfriend RAC. (Image Source:

The musician founded RAC while studying at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. 

The couple shares a great relationship, and they have often seen together. After the couple announced that they were having a baby girl together, people noticed them more. 

The pair share cute pictures of them, which their fans and followers have always admired. 

The couple has not been married or engaged yet; the question about their marriage has often been asked since they announced being pregnant. 

But the musician has been married before. He was married to Liz, who was interested in music and was a piano major. 

They bonded quickly, but also they ended their relationship soon. He was believed to be divorced before entering into a relationship with Ireland. 

Baldwin and Allen Anjos are a happy and perfect couple; you can find many pictures of them together on the Internet. 

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