Is Abedi Pele related to Pele

Is Abedi Pele related to Pele? As both have the same last name, Pele people are curious about their relationship.

Abedi Ayew Pele is a Ghanaian professional football player, commonly known by his professional Abedi Pele.

 He played as an attacking midfielder. He served as captain of the Ghana national football team.  

Abedi Pele was among the first African players to make an impression on the European football club.

He played for several European clubs and won the UEFA Champions League in 1993 for the French club Lille and Marseille. He was considered one of the greatest footballers of his time.

Born as Edson Arantes do Nascimento and later known by his professional name, Pele is a former Brazilian football player.

He played as a forward for the Brazilian national football team. In 1999, the International Olympic Committee labeled him an Athlete of the century. He was also given the title “the greatest” by FIFA.

He set the Guinness World Record for highest goal scoring, 1279 goals in 1363 games, including friendlies.

Is Abedi Pele Related To Pele?

Abedi Ayew has been given the nickname “Pele” for his superior ability, which memorized the great Brazilian player Pele.

No, Ghanaian footballer, Abedi is not related to Brazilian footballer Pele.

Pele had been hospitalised last Tuesday to re-evaluate his cancer treatment.
Pele was hospitalized last Tuesday to reevaluate his Cancer treatment. (Image Source: The Indian Express)

Both are famous footballers and are well-known as Pele in their country, but they are not related by blood.

Let’s be clear that they belong to diffrent countries and only share their family name.

Fans often get the impression that Abedi Pele and Pele may have some relation as both are the greatest footballer of their time and had a significant impact on football history.

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Abedi Pele Family Details

Abedi is the brother of Kwame Ayew and Sola Ayew.

Abedi and Maha have been married for 35 years. The couple married in 1987. Abedi met his wife in Marseille, France, during one of the football seasons.

Abedi Pele: I Don’t Like Watching My Sons Play For The Black Stars
Abedi Pele: I Don’t Like Watching My Sons Play For The Black Stars. (Image Source: Max)

They have been together since then and are parents to Jordan Ayew, Andre Dede Ayew, and Imani Ayew. Abedi has another son named Rahim from his previous marriage.

Abedi’s sons took their Father’s footsteps and took the football path. Jordan and Andre have played for the Ghana black star, and Currently, Andre Dede is playing for Al Sadd while Jordan plays for European Club Crystal Palace. 

In 2010 Andre and Rahim presented for the FIFA World cup in South Africa. Jordan and Andre also played in the 2014 world cup in Brazil and the current 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Abedi Ayew Ethnicity and Religion

Abedi Ayew, who is 59 years old, was born in the town of Kibi in 1964 and grew up in a dome village on the northern outskirts of Accra.

Abedi’s Nationality is Ghanaian. As for his religion, the Ghanaian footballer is Muslim. Abedi never talks about his religion Publically.

Abedi was known for his speed, close control, and dribbling skills. His passing and goal-scoring ability were also incredible.

Abedi has won the France African Player of the Year Award three times. He was the inaugural winner of the BBC African Sports stars of the year.

In 1993 Abedi won the UEFA Champions League for the French Ligue 1 club Lille and Marseille. 

Abedi is a member of FIFA’s world cup committee and has participated FIFA organized charity matches with another African player. 

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