Alex Chiasson

Is Alex Chiasson related to Steve Chiasson? Alex and Steve are not related to each other despite sharing the same surname.

Alex Chiasson is a Canadian professional ice hockey player playing as a forward for the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. Since 2012, he has been professionally playing ice hockey.

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Before coming to the Detroit Red Wings, Alex played for other NHL teams, including the Dallas Stars, Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames, and Washington Capitals.

Likewise, Alex has been linked with another ice hockey player, Steve Chiasson, who is no longer in this world. Ice Hockey fans are asking if they have a biological relationship. Keep reading to find out.

Is Alex Chiasson Related to Steve Chiasson?

No, Alex Chiasson is not related to Steve Chiasson. They do not have any biological relationship, and they are not relatives. However, people got confused due to their same surname, Chiasson.

In the same way, they are involved in the same field, which may have left people thinking they have some bond. 

Is Alex Chiasson Related To Steve Chiasson
Fans are asking if Alex and Steve are related. ( Source: Twitter )

For your information, Steve is a late ice hockey defenseman who played prominently in the NHL for multiple teams like Hartford Whalers and Carolina Hurricanes.

Steve sadly passed away on May 3, 1999, at 32. He died in an automobile accident while driving under the influence. 

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A Look at Alex Chiasson and Steve Chiasson Family Life

Alex Chiasson was born on October 1, 1990, to his parents, Serge Chiasson and Marilyn Chiasson. He is a native of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

While growing up, Alex supported the Montreal Canadiens. Chiasson started skating at age four after his sister suggested that he start. 

Apart from that, Steve was born on April 14, 1967, to his parents, Betty and Joe Chiasson. Legacy has reported that Steve also had five siblings: Janet, Lorrie, Dan, Susan, and Brenda. 

In the same way, the late ice hockey player was married to his wife, Susan. Together with his wife, Steve welcomed three children, two sons named Michael and Ryan and a daughter named Stephanie.

Alex Chiasson in an ice hockey game. ( Source: Twitter )

The older son, Michael, played defense for the University of Michigan men’s hockey team. Not only that, but he even wore his late father’s jersey number three. 

In the same way, the other son Ryan wore the same number for the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the USHL. He played in the 2013-14 season. 

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Alex Chiasson and Steve Chiasson Net Worth Difference In 2024

Alex Chiasson and Steve Chiasson have a great net worth difference. However, their actual fortune is yet to get revealed. We can say that they have amassed a massive amount of money from their ice hockey career.

Steve played for multiple NHL teams and had impressive deals with them. Also, he represented the Canadian national team in some tournaments. Due to that, he may have received a fair profit.

Steve Chiasson while playing for Carolina Hurricanes. ( Source: Twitter )

On the other hand, Alex is also a professional ice hockey player. According to Spotrac, Alex has a salary of $750,000 in his current team. 

While at the Ottawa Senators, Alex sought $2.4 million per year, but the Senators offered him $1 million. Later, he was awarded a one-year contract of $1.2 million. 

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