Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show

Yes, Alex Fresh is leaving Jubal Show, and the RJ announced her departure by posting on Instagram on January 9, 2023.

Alex Fresh is a radio host thrust into entertainment to lead in running the family business, from co-hosting, producing and directing content to organize standup comedy tours where she has the regrettable task of wrangling the crew. 

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Jubal, who has performed standup in the Springs, is back with his Show, joined by his wife, Alex Fresh and “English” Evan. 

Alex is Jugal’s wife, who appeared on a podcast with him, that turned into three podcasts a week, and now it’s turned into a radio show.

In addition to her radio career, the host is a beast at HALO on Xbox and advocates for ending the stigmas associated with recreational cannabis.

Is Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show?

Yes, Alex announced leaving the Show via her Instagram post among 27.6k followers under the user handle@thatdreas.

Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show
Alex announced leaving the Show via her Instagram post(Source:Instagram )

In August 2020, Alex was retained when her husband, Jubal, joined the station. Before them, Omelia previously worked in sales at iHeartMedia Seattle before Alex added him to the “Carla Marie & Anthony” morning show at 106.1 KBKS.

She wrote her departure was unexpected from ‘The Jubal Show.’Alex has taken longer to process than expected; her leaving might be mental health and self-care.

Alex has acknowledged her fans’ listening and claimed she would forever be grateful for her time on the Show.

Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show
Alex has acknowledged her fans’ listening and claimed she would forever be grateful for her time on the Show.(Source: Facebook)

The host added that she has yet to answer many questions, but it is not retirement, and she even hinted at her return.

What Happened To Alex Fresh

According to sources, Jubal Fresh announced his departure from Brooke & Jubal In The Morning after nine years of working on the popular radio show. 

The YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster have been absent from the program since the beginning of 2020. 

Earlier, Jugal had announced his leaving after the rift between him and the producers. 

Alex’s husband Jubal, with friend Brooke, features comical segments like “Phone Tap,” “Second Date,” or “Loser Line.” The hosts regularly poke fun at mundane scenarios. 

The Jubal Show segment revolved around a pregnant woman who caused a great stir by proudly showcasing her first ultrasound scan at the office one too many times (“Phone Tap: Stop With the Baby Stuff”).

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Is Alex Fresh Fired?

As soon as Alex announced her departure from the Jubal Show, fans speculated his departure involved some Drama in her resignation.

Listeners of 98.9 Magic FM/KKMG-FM in Colorado Springs were excited after they tuned in not to “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning” but to “The Jubal Show.”

Sources claim that ” The Jubal Show” has taken over the station’s weekday 6–10 am slot. Jubal is Jubal Fresh, aka Jubal Flagg; longtime listeners know him because before there was “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning,” there was the syndicated “Brooke & Jubal,” with Jubal and co-host Brooke Fox. 

The Jugal Show ran on Magic FM from March 2016 to April 2020, when her husband, Jubal, left the Show after an unexplained absence of several months. 

After Jugal departure, the Show was rebranded “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning,” with Jeff “Young Jeffrey” Dubow as co-host.

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